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Local-foreign conspiracy and Mehnaz Rashid's employment at Gulshan Club

  • Justice Shamsuddin Chowdhury Manik
  • 14th June, 2022 01:00:29 PM
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Local-foreign conspiracy and Mehnaz Rashid's employment at Gulshan Club

A few days ago, a BNP leader openly said, "Let the arms of '75 roar once again." No research is needed to know that the family members of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and four national leaders were killed using these arms in '75. The objective and future plan of those who are threatening in this manner are clear like daylight.

Another contemporary event is well-known to all. It is that a few months back, Mehnaz Rashid, the daughter of Bangabandhu's killer Lt Col (dismissed) Khandaker Abdur Rashid, was awarded the job of Deputy General Manager (Administration) at Gulshan Club, one of the posh social clubs in Dhaka city. It is not tough enough to find a close link between them if anyone deeply thinks about the two events.

We all know that local and foreign conspiracies are being hatched for the past few months to oust this pro-liberation government in an unconstitutional manner. It is not unknown that the main actors of the conspiracies are those who could not accept the establishment of a secular independent Bangladesh by breaking Pakistan. As to why, they killed the Father of the Nation in 1975.

Everyone knows that Pakistan played a decisive role in the conspiracy. The clique who killed Bangabandhu under the leadership of Ziaur Rahman later formed a political party named 'Freedom Party' which took part in parliamentary elections under patronage of Khaleda Zia. That party is still active. The appointment of killer Rashid's daughter, Mehnaz Rashid, to an important post of Gulshan Club testifies to it.

As per informed sources, Mehnaz was given the job of the Deputy General Manager (Administration) of Gulshan Club eight months ago. The elected president of the club and other members of its managing committee are responsible for appointment of employees. Naturally, the bio-data of the candidates are sought and considered. The identity of Mehnaz’s father was also known to the employers.

None of the club authorities says that Mehnaz kept her father’s identity secret. Moreover, a higher qualification is required for such a high post. One of the jobs of the post holder is to bring out an English magazine, which requires a good command of English. An educational certificate is a must to prove the skills. And the certificate might have mentioned the name of her father. So, it can be said that the employers knowingly appointed her to the job.

At that time, a retired army captain named Saifur Rahman was the president of the club. As far as we know, he is a mere businessman who has no political affinity. A terrible revelation is that when Mehnaz gave the identity of her husband, the club authorities were to some extent compelled to award her the job. Her husband Rafiqul Islam Rafi is the cousin of an influential minister of the incumbent government. And, on this consideration, she was given the job. However, it was not known whether the aforesaid minister had any role in this regard. The committee that appointed her got annulled and a new committee took over. The incumbent committee is being led by its president Rafiqul Alam Helal who is the son-in-law of former President Dr Badruddoza Chowdhury.

Following the takeover of the new committee, Mehnaz remained in her post for a few months more. Naturally, a question arises. Was the new committee not aware of the identity of Mehnaz? It is being claimed that she was instantly dismissed soon after her identity was disclosed.

Why did Mehnaz select Gulshan Club for her job? The answer is very distinct. There are many members in Gulshan Club, who know lots of state information. Many of them drink excessively and lose control over them. They disclose many things in an inebriated state which they usually do not say in a normal state. Such an event took place in the 60's when Christine Keeler was appointed to extract secret information from British Defence Minister John Profumo. With this objective, Christine Keeler served him much whisky and took out secret information about the state from him. There are lots of examples where glamorous women were employed as spies to extract state secrets. In the 80's, Israeli nuclear scientist Mordechai Vanunu took political asylum in Britain. Israeli secret agency Mossad employed a beautiful woman who succeeded in taking him to deep sea from where an Israeli Naval fleet took Vanunu back to Israel.

As Mehnaz was given the task of editing the magazine, she got an opportunity to get acquainted with many important members of the club with whom she made friendship too. It has been learnt that after getting bail, Mehnaz, the accused in the Barrister Taposh murder attempt case, went to Pakistan where her killer parents were living. Grabbing the grand opportunity, Pakistani ISI trained Mehnaz in the art of spying. Apart from this, Mehnaz was a friend of Brigadier General Bari, the much-talked-about intelligence officer of the 1/11 period. Because of the reason, she is deft in intelligence-related matters. As to why, she selected Gulshan Club to harm the incumbent government. The club members include followers of Bangabandhu like retired government official Delwar Hossain as well as Khaleda Zia's brother, Zia's relatives, Hawa Bhaban owners, owner of Khaleda Zia's present residence 'Feroza' and many Urdu-speaking Pakistan lovers, who tried their best to save Salauddin Quader Chowdhury. Some officials of Pakistan High Commission visit this club regularly. Mehnaz's parents control the Freedom Party from Pakistan. So, there is little doubt that Mehnaz took the job at this club to smuggle out important information to her parents and Pakistani ISI. Along with Lt Col (dismissed) Khandaker Abdur Rashid, Mehnaz's mother Jobaida Rashid was also involved with Bangabandhu murder. There are numerous proofs and so she was made a charge-sheeted accused. But, it is a bad luck for the nation that she got released following an order of the two-member bench of Justice Badrul Islam Chowdhury and Justice Abdul Matin after she went to the High Court. The Chief Prosecutor of Bangabandhu Murder Case, Senior Advocate Sirajur Haque, told the High Court that Lady Macbeth instigated her husband to kill the king. Likewise, Jobaida Rashid instigated Khandaker Abdur Rashid to kill Bangabandhu. But the dual High Court bench did not pay heed to his statement and ordered the release of Jobaida Rashid, who in no time set for Pakistan and is now controlling the activities of Freedom Party in close association with her husband and Pakistani intelligence force. Many law experts are of the opinion that the verdict releasing Jobaida Rashid would one day be a topic of study.

What was the role of the club authorities in the appointment of Mehnaz in an important post? None can say it without investigation. A close analysis is the demand of the time. There are sufficient reasons to think that Mehnaz took the job in an attempt to impede the state security. If the club authorities appointed her knowing her identity, they cannot evade the liability. There is no chance to take it lightly. Security of the state and its top-ranking personalities are involved with it. Mehnaz was made an accused in the Taposh murder attempt case as her involvement was stated in the first information report (FIR). This proves that like her parents, she is also determined to harm the pro-liberation forces and the incumbent government.

It is not known to all that some others loyal to killer Rashid and Freedom Party are running a bank in Bangladesh named Jubilee Bank. Like other banks, banking activities are going on at Kushtia branch of this bank under a general manager (GM). Moreover, there is a main office of the bank in Dhaka city. Belatedly, Bangladesh Bank got permission of the High Court to take action against the bank. It is presumed that lots of money was siphoned off from the country to the people who are against the spirit of the Liberation War. An investigation is going on in this regard. An investigation is underway against the personnel of Bangladesh Bank, who help run this bank. We welcome the move of Bangladesh Bank. But a question remains— how does this Freedom Party carry on its activities in Bangladesh? Who are behind them? It is essential to find out all information for the security of our country and our existence. In the meantime, it has been learnt that the luxurious residence where Mehnaz Rashid resides belongs to her killer father Khandaker Rashid. Again another question arises as to how can the killer of Bangabandhu who was awarded the death sentence and fled abroad own a house in Bangladesh? A deep-rooted conspiracy goes on at home and abroad. In this situation, the activities of Freedom Party should thoroughly be investigated. And to this objective, Mehnaz Rashid and all those who assisted her in getting the job must be brought to justice.


The writer is a retired justice of the Appellate Division