Monday, 4 July, 2022

Bongo brings Girls Squad Season 2

Bongo brings Girls Squad Season 2

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Bongo's diamonds are back! Bright, beautiful, and always in style. Our favorite squad of girls is back in town with new entertaining struggles.

Last year during Eid-ul-Azha, the popular streaming platform 'Bongo' released the drama series 'Girls Squad Season 1' and broke the convention of hero content. Girls Squad centers around the life of six girls. In Season 2, Samira Khan Mahi, Rukaiya Jahan Chamak, Sharna Lata, and Samonty Shoumi will continue their struggle for friendship, love, and chase their dreams.

Girls Squad Season 2 is coming again under the composition and direction of Maidul Rakib. As an add on to last year's season,Tania Brishti and Anindita Mimi will make their appearance.  Popular actor cum anchor Shahriar Nazim Joy and actor Zaher Alvi will also play alongside the rest of the cast.

In the last season, the girls were forced to leave their flatshare after enraging the nephew of the local commissioner due to hurt feelings. This season, we may or may not see a reunion of this couple. We will also find out more of the likes and dislikes of the girls in relationships. One thing guaranteed: it will become 100% messy.

Stay tuned to see some of the girls falling for the same guy, and other obstacles that endanger the flat share peace in this season.

Bongo is releasing 20 new episodes. So get ready for a minimum of twenty heartbreaks, fall outs, and dramatic obstacles to overcome for our favorite girls next door mixed to a comedy masala. Will the pretty ladies find their prince charming in Season 2?

Watch Girl Squad Season 2 on the release date of June 15, 2022, on the Bongo OTT platform Bongo before anyone can spoil this season's hook line.

Mushfiqur Rahman, Bongo's Chief Content Officer, informs as follows of the 'Girls Squad 2' series: "To give 100% entertainment to our viewers, we always thrive to select the best suited actors and actresses for the project That is why, for Season 2, Joy, Alvi, and some other stars have been added to the series. Following the success of Season 1, we hope Season 2 reaches, resonates with and delights our audience just as much."

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