Thursday, 30 June, 2022

Visit of Indian Navy Ships to Mongla

  • Diplomatic Correspondent
  • 24th May, 2022 07:04:03 PM
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Two Indian Navy Ships, INS Kora and INS Sumedha arrived at Mongla Port on Tuesday (24 May 2022 ) after carrying out a Coordinated Patrol (CORPAT) with Bangladesh Navy Ships along the International Maritime Boundary Line.

CORPAT is an annual exercise between the two Navies to enhance interoperability while conducting maritime operations to combat transnational maritime crimes.

Maritime Patrol Aircraft of both countries participated in CORPAT, said the High Commission of India.

This 4th edition of IN-BN CORPAT was conducted on May 22 and 23 after which Indian Ships have reached Mongla for the harbour phase of the 2nd edition of annual exercise ‘Bangosagar’ which will be conducted on May 24 and 25 where the operational teams of both Navies will discuss operational procedures.

The Special Forces teams from both Navies will also conduct joint drills to strengthen interoperability as well as to learn from each other’s best practices. 

The Ships of both Navies will sail together on May 26 and conduct the Sea phase of the exercise in the Bay of Bengal which will involve naval drills, manoeuvres, weapon firings, and interception exercises. The exercise will culminate on May 27.