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Eid Shopping: Light fabrics top priority

  • Rajib Kanti Roy
  • 16th April, 2022 10:01:33 AM
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Eid Shopping: Light fabrics top priority
Eid shopping has gained momentum in the capital. The photo was taken from Bashundhara City Shopping Mall on Friday. – SUN PHOTO

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While choosing dresses for themselves and their family members, Eid shoppers are giving importance to light fabrics this year keeping the scorching heat in mind and they are prioritising clothes from brand shops.

Shoppers from upper class, upper middle class and middle class are thronging different shopping malls but the lower middle class and working class people have not yet started their Eid shopping on a full scale as they are yet to receive their Eid bonus.

Even if it rains, weather will be quite hot during this year’s Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations. Therefore, demand for cotton clothes has increased among customers.

Tanisha Mahbub, a housewife who was purchasing clothes at Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, said, “I’ve come here to buy clothes for me and my family members. Since it’ll be hot this Eid, I’m buying cotton clothes. I’ll buy comfortable clothes with light design.”

Lightly designed panjabi-pajama, shirt, T-shirt, fatwa and kabli are available in shopping malls for youths. On the other hand, young women are picking sari, salwar kameez, frock and fatwa for them.

For children, there are panjabi, shirt, T-shirt, fatwa, frock and salwar kameez while adults are more inclined towards panjabi, fatwa and lightly designed sari.

Considering the demand of consumers, fashion houses have also given more importance to cotton clothes. Fashion designers say cotton fabrics are suitable for both hot and rainy weather.

“The trend of this Eid is simple and close-knit dress. Customers are avoiding dresses with heavy clothes and designs. They’re buying clothes with similar colour and designs. They’re selecting products that have a good finish and comfort eyes,” said owner of fashion brand KayKraft Khalid Mahmud.

He also said as the prices of goods have gone up all over the world, the designing or crafting of dresses has been done keeping in mind so that there is no pressure of extra prices on buyers.

While talking to the Daily Sun, a number of shoppers have stated about their interest in purchasing clothes from brand shops. They said the local brands have earned their trust as they are bringing quality products.

“I’m taking clothes from brand shops. Our clothes are going worldwide. Our local brands have been doing great. I’ve been using their products for the last several years. Apart from comfortable fabrics, they bring classy designs,” private service holder Nahid Hossain said.           Local fashion brands like Ecstasy, Yellow, Cat’s Eye, Sailor, SaRa Lifestyle, Grameen UNIQLO, Aarong, Nabarupa, KayKraft, Anjan’s, Biwarong, Deshal, Rong Bangladesh, Richman, Infinity, Texmart and Gentle Park have brought dresses of numerous designs which have attracted a good number of shoppers this year.

SaRa Lifestyle’s head of fashion design Shamim Rahman said, “Keeping Eid morning, noon and night in mind, we’ve brought dresses for three different times. We’ve produced dresses which are light, yet elegant. We’ve blended modern vibes with traditional design.”

Apart from cotton, the demand for linen, georgette and chiffon is also high this year.

Men were choosing bright colour panjabis with light embroidery works while salwar kameez, round gowns, kurtis, one-piece, two-pieces and skirts with block, dye, batik, khari print, embroidery and hand work were getting preference from women.