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Bongo and Shikho partner to improve EdTech video learning experience in Bangladesh

  • Sun Online Desk
  • 24th March, 2022 12:49:20 PM
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The largest ed-tech company Shikho and the largest video streaming service provider in Bangladesh, Bongo, have partnered to improve the video delivery experience for online learners in Bangladesh including video analytics. This partnership will enable learners in Bangladesh to get a faster experience, including the ability to learn offline without the internet in the near future. Bongo streamers will also get promotional offers on the Shikho learning platform.

Shikho,, launched in November 2020, has over 350,000 learners across 64 districts where paying students spend over an hour learning daily. Shikho provides academic courses for the Bangladeshi National Curriculum Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) and competitive University entrance exam. Recently they also acquired Bohubrihi, an online educational platform for professionals.

“Bongo’s mission is to enable content creators to increase their distribution and monetization opportunities. We are extremely proud to announce our partnership with Shikho to enable disruption in the educational content space. We have really understood streaming content in entertainment and this partnership enables us to expand our categories beyond entertainment. We are thrilled that our user base will also get promotional offers on the Shikho learning platform, said Fayaz Taher Co-Founder and COO of Bongo.

Bongo has been providing video streaming services to multiple platforms in Bangladesh, including Grameenphone's platform Bioscope, BongoWal (Co-Branded) Partnership with Walton, and Robi/Airtel TV alongside Bongo’s OTT platform Recently Bongo has been in discussion with several ISPs and device manufacturers as well to increase the distribution of content and improve the streaming experience. Bongo has over 3 million unique viewers with 200,000 people everyday watching content all over Bangladesh, and globally reaching over 160+ countries especially in the Middle East. Bongo also works with over 550+ content creators locally and internationally including creators from India, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Canada.

Using Bongo’s video solution, Shikho will be able to improve the streaming experience and get very detailed video analytics information to ensure they know what quality content is working and also how that content is reaching the end user. Bongo will be also providing offline learning experience in the future where students can simply go to a wifi-hotspot to download the content and learn at home without any internet at their own pace.

“Our goal is to disrupt after-school learning in Bangladesh by making high-quality educational content accessible and affordable leveraging modern technology. By utilizing Bongo’s expertise in the video streaming industry in Bangladesh, we are able to grow faster and have one less problem to worry about. They have been around for a long time solving local Bangladeshi streaming issues, especially in rural areas. The partnership will help us focus more on our core technology and education offering and ensure our learners get the best possible streaming experience,” said Shahir Chowdhury, Co-Founder and CEO of Shikho.

Using Shikho, a student is able to access unique on demand animated video lessons, live classes from expert teachers, take quizzes and see real time performance including their progres. The mobile app also has summarized smart notes with definitions, formulas and hacks. Students can learn at their own pace with content accessible anytime and anywhere at a fraction of the cost of traditional tutoring.