Thursday, 30 March, 2023

10 dead, five missing after Colombia mine explosion

10 dead, five missing after Colombia mine explosion

A methane explosion at a coal mine in central Colombia claimed ten lives, the national mining agency said Sunday, and a search has been launched for five missing miners.

The accident happened Saturday afternoon at the Chapa mine operated by the Ingecolmaq SAS company, the ANM agency said.

A group of 40 rescuers was searching for the missing miners, and have installed a ventilation duct in the hopes of boosting breathability underground.

Oil and coal briquettes are Colombia's main exports.

The Boyaca region where the mine is located, has the worst track record for mining accidents in Colombia, according to the ANM.

Last year, 130 people died in mining accidents countrywide, down from 171 the previous year. Most of the deaths ocurred at illegal mines.