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DMP issues 14 directives to be followed in hiring domestic workers

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  • 15th February, 2022 07:34:50 PM
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Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) has made 14 recommendations to be followed by the city dwellers in hiring domestic workers to fend off any untoward incident.

The recommendations are as follows:

1) Keep the copy of National Identity Card (NID), freshly taken colour photograph and identity of the person before hiring a housemaid/domestic worker.

2) After taking all the information, give a copy of the information of the maid/domestic worker to the nearest police station and keep a copy with you. If he/she has any previous crime record, police will be able to identify him.

3) Get detailed information as to where he/she worked in the past and find the reason for leaving that job. If necessary, you can contact the previous work address to be sure. 

4)  Collect family information of the domestic worker. Try to know ermanent address and other member/members of his/her family. If necessary, you can contact his permanent address to see if he/she actually lives at that address. 

5) At present DMP is working to preserve the information of all the people of the city. Fill in the information form prescribed by DMP and submit it to the police station.

What to do after hiring a domestic worker-

1) Notice his/her movements after appointment in order to understand what kind of person he/she is.

2) You can install CCTV camera at the main gate of the house. This will make it easier to see if strangers are coming into your home. If necessary, CCTV cameras can be installed inside the house; so that you can monitor the activities of the worker even in your absence.

3) Keep valuables, gold ornaments and money in the house invisible to the domestic worker. Always try to keep your locker key with you. If necessary, keep the room with locker locked separately.

4) Not everyone will leave home keeping the domestic worker alone. Leave the baby with one more person. Under no circumstances should the child be left alone.

5) Try to understand the needs of the domestic worker. This will make it easier to know if he is greedy.

6) Keep an eye on whether the domestic worker is talking to a suspicious person on his/her mobile phone or if a suspicious person comes to see him/her.

6) Notice whether the domestic worker is careful in using gas stove and electric appliances in the house. Negligence can lead to major accidents at any time.

6) Always keep it with you when traveling with a domestic worker. If he/she gets lost or has an accident you will be in trouble.

9) Be humane with your domestic worker.

In the notification, DMP said that only awareness can stop the criminal activities of the domestic worker. It is better not to trust the domestic worker too much. They have to be monitored for their own benefit. In addition, in case of any necessity, all are suggested to contact to the nearest the police.