Saturday, 8 October, 2022

Search Committee will constitute well-accepted EC : Dr Razzaque

Search Committee will constitute well-accepted EC : Dr Razzaque

Agriculture Minister Dr M Abdur Razzaque said Search Committee will form an Election Commission (EC) for holding elections in the country which would be accepted to all. 

“Search committee will constitute an EC for holding a free and fair election in the country and the commission will get an acceptance from all,” he said.

The agriculture minister made these comments while exchanging views with the journalists following a meeting with International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) country director Arnoud Hameleers at the Secretariat this morning.

“The government will provide all out cooperation to the EC for making the next election free, fair and peaceful ,” he said.

Ruling party presidium member said to constitute the EC, the ruling Awami League will send the name of the qualified persons to the search committee individually not based in alliance. 

He, however, said it is quite BNP’s responsibility to send the name of their persons to the Search Committee. The elections will be held as per the constitution whatever BNP send or not send the name of their representatives to the search committee, said the minister.

‘’I believe that BNP will participate in the next elections,’’ he said.

Replying to possibilities of forging bigger alliance by the BNP, Dr Razzaque said forming of a big alliance comprising with 20 or 30 political parties is not significant, but popularity and base of these parties among the mass people is important. 

Dr Razzaque said the present Awami League government has done a big chunk of development  and  establish rule of law in the country, adding “I think people have huge support on the AL led government.” 

Earlier, the agriculture minister also discussed with IFAD director on success and present challenge in agriculture sector, adding that more cooperation from IFAD is needed for climate smart farm technology innovation and extension to face the adverse impact of climate change.

IFAD will provide irrigation management development in Bangladesh for crop production in coastal saline areas and export rising and value add of agricultural products, assured the IFAD official during the meeting.

IFAE is preparing a five-year’s  country plan which would include major of these issues, said Hameleers. 

Agriculture secretary M Sayedul Islam, Additional secretary M Ruhul Amin Talukder, among other, attended the meeting.