Friday, 20 May, 2022

Country’s first digital district Jashore becomes hub of e-commerce

'Gramer Hat', an e-commerce site in Jashore working on branding local products across the country, has become an idol for encouraging others to start online business.

“Since I entered the e-commerce area as a Union Digital Center (UDC) entrepreneur in 2012, I had a dream of reaching the local products especially produced in the villages like date molasses of Jashore, tea of Sylhet and mangoes of Rajshahi across the country,” said Md Arifuzzaman, owner of 'Gramer Hat'.

Subsequently, he launched the e-commerce platform, which is now operating its activities in 25 districts in the country.
“We appointed vendors in different districts. Through those vendors, we supply the popular products of a district to other parts of the country,” said Arifuzzaman.

Noting that the 'Gramer Hat' is now working in line with the government's district branding programme, he said, “We are getting a very good response. Six staff and 50 UDC entrepreneurs are working with the initiative. We are now planning to export the products”.
With the help of the district administration and the government’s ICT Division, many e-commerce entrepreneurs launched startups in the district.

'Deshi Feriwala' (, another e-commerce site here is working on branding the Jashore district’s products like Patali Gur (molasses), honey, ghee, Nakshi Kantha (embroidered quilt) by supplying those across the country.

Eleven staff, 150 Gachi (men who collect date juice from trees) and 80 women are working with the initiative.

'Kenar Hat', (, another e-commerce initiative in the district is working as the online store of Patali Gur (Molasses). Ten staff and 100 Gachi (men who collect date juice from trees) are working with the initiative and supplying date molasses and Patali Gur (molasses) across the country.

'Jashore Hat', (, is a successful initiative of the district administration which was launched during the last Eid-ul-Adha for trading sacrificial animals. Through the platform, 1,788 animals were bought and sold at about Taka 12.21 crore in the 10 days from July 11 to 20, 2021.

Apart from animal trading, the platform, however, is now working on district branding by supplying local products like date molasses, flowers and Nakshi Kantha (embroidered quilt) across the country.

The first district of the Indian subcontinent launched in 1786 Jashore has been recognized as the country’s first digital district since it is now rendering all services to the citizens digitally with the help of the a2i of the Cabinet Division and the ICT Division with the support from the UNDP.

Jashore Deputy Commissioner (DC) Md Tamijul Islam Khan said with the support from the a2i the ever first e-service center was set up here which is now working as a pioneer in conducting all activities like mutation, digital attendance, online school management system, e-filing, issuing notice through SMS and convening meetings online.

Through the UDCs at union and municipality level, he said, 104 entrepreneurs are reaching out the digital services at the doorsteps of the grassroots people in the district.

The e-commerce platforms grown up with the government assistance are now playing a pivotal role in branding the district by supplying local products across the country as well as exporting abroad, the DC added.

Noting that the district has already emerged as a hub of e-commerce with a large number of online business sites, Tamijul said Sheikh Hasina Software Technology Park set up here is playing an important role to expand the e-commerce in the district.

State Minister for ICT Division Zunaid Ahmed Palak said the government has imparted IT training to 10,500 women in 21 districts across the country under the 'She Power Project'.

The trained women are operating different e-commerce sites like 'Chaldal' and 'Seba XYZ' as successful startups in Khulna and Jashore, he said.