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Bongo Studios hosts Copyright Webinar for their Creator Partners

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  • 5th December, 2021 02:03:58 PM
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Bongo Studios hosts Copyright Webinar for their Creator Partners

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Bongo Studios has been working with their partners persistently to raise awareness regarding the importance of Copyright Laws in Bangladesh.

As part of their continued efforts to educate the community on intellectual property around content, Bongo held a Webinar on Copyright Laws & Common Practices.

Jafor Raja Chowdhury, Registrar of Copyright in Bangladesh Copyright Office, was present as the Chief Guest while Md Atiquzzaman, Copyright Inspector, as the Coordinating Guest.

The event was hosted by Bongo Head of Legal Rainul Islam, Khundkar Nadia Armin (Copyright Manager) and Chandana Jahan (Copyright Admin).

The Copyright Webinar covered the core principles of Copyright Laws and the risk of ignorance and negligence of the same while acquiring or publishing contents.

Issues related to copyright protection of audiovisual content was also emphasized throughout the Webinar. Since pirated content is also uploaded on 3rd party platforms and rogue websites, the issue of copyright is of utmost importance for content creators in order to ensure protection legally.

Jafor Raja Chowdhury started off the webinar by explaining what copyright is, what content is eligible for copyright protection and the Copyright Act of 2000. His presentation was followed by Md Atiquzzaman’s, who explained in detail about the copyright registration process and the business risks of copyright negligence. Concerns including determination of ownership, fair use policy, were also discussed by the panelists.