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Kamal Ahmed, Sharmin Lucky’s ‘Amar Porichoy’ released

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  • 4th December, 2021 09:42:34 PM
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Kamal Ahmed, Sharmin Lucky’s ‘Amar Porichoy’ released

On the occasion of the month of victory, a poetic song titled ‘Amar Porichoy’, by singer Kamal Ahmed and reciter Sharmin Lucky has been released. Under the banner of Music Of Bengal, the song was published on YouTube on December 1. 

The lyrics of the song are based on the poem of poet Syed Shamsul Haq. The tune and music arrangement of the track has been done by Faisal Ahmed while the music video is directed by Zamiur Rahman Lemon. 

Singer and chairperson of Music Of Bengal Kamal Ahmed said, “The poem ‘Amar Porichoy’ is an eternal creation of Syed Shamsul Haq. The poet presents the glorious history of the Bengali nation aesthetically through this poem. Hence, Music Of Bengal has taken the special initiative to associate tune and video with this creation to celebrate the golden jubilee of Bangladesh. I hope this production will contribute a lot to develop an enlightened generation.”
Kamal Ahmed is a renowned media personality, music connoisseur and eminent singer of the country. He is better known as a devoted and noted Tagore singer in addition to his responsibilities as a capable executive in Bangladesh Betar. He has released 21 music albums so far.

Ahmed got many prestigious awards, including, SAARC Cultural Society Award (2010), Bangabandhu Gobeshona Foundation Award (2015), Adwaitia Mallabarman Award (2017) from Maharaja Birbikram University, India, Beer Shaheed Dhirendranath Dutta Award (2017) from Agartala, Tripura, India, FOBANA Award (2017) from Canada.