Friday, 3 December, 2021

'BeautyBaaz' by Jannat: Showroom opening on November 12

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  • 3rd November, 2021 05:47:25 PM
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'BeautyBaaz' by Jannat: Showroom opening on November 12

Can you serve a plate of rice to satisfy someone whose hunger reaches the sky? No. Jannatul Ferdous Meem’s desire for success is like that, it reaches the sky. For someone who had to give up on her steady paycheck and a guaranteed career to build her legacy, Jannat is certainly a risk-taker and an inspiration.

Jannat’s dream was to become an entrepreneur. She studied at IBA of Jahangirnagar University. Every time she was asked where she saw herself in 10 years, she’d answer by saying that she’d like to be in a position where she can provide workspace to at least 10 individuals. She was adamant about fulfilling her dream. Jannat felt compelled to do something towards the end of 2017, despite the fact that she had a one-year-old daughter and a family to care for. Later, she joined as a teacher at Mastermind, a well-known English Medium school in Dhaka. She was then 24 years old with a job, studies and a family but she was exhausted. Her desire to do something on her own was not quite filling.

Jannat took the initiative of ‘BeautyBaaz’, where she wanted to sell beauty, health and fashion products, at the end of 2019. She quit her job of forty thousand taka salary and started working on her dream with just fifteen thousand taka that she had saved by working. It was not easy as her audacity was only met with laughter. Brought up in a middle-class family, she took the courage to dream about changing her fortune and imported her first product shipment. 80% of this shipment was damaged. She was left with two options then- either going back to her job or continuing to chase her dream with her teeth clenched.

As mentioned before, Jannat aims high hence she chose to do the latter. At this point, everyone around her was disappointed, embarrassed even, by her choices and believed that she only belonged in the corporate world. But she always had the constant support of her family,especially her husband Mr Gazi Humayoun Kabir. In her words, in the present society, although a woman is all she needs to take a stand for her passion but without the support of their family the success becomes incomplete. Jannat's office used to be her bedroom.  She had her products scattered there. Later in 2020, she finally decided on getting a proper office and made all her payments in March. That is when the COVID-19 broke out and put a pause on her progress. But Jannat is fearless and extremely ambitious. She adapted to the pandemic and continued to work although it was hard. She has a wish for Bangladesh’s beauty industry which is having creams and serums stacked on the shelves of Dubai Mall’s Sephora with the words ‘Made in Bangladesh’ on the back.

Not only dreaming but also making it into reality was not easy. She worked day and night and overcame every obstacle as if it was a challenge thrown at her. Jannat took into consideration that taking care of oneself was a form of self-love. If you want something healthy for your skin, Jannat’s ‘BeautyBaaz’ is where you should turn to. It also provides women with a comfortable workspace. ‘BeautyBaaz’ earned itself a place in everyone’s heart by assuring the best service to its customers. It started by selling imported products from Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom and other countries. Now ‘BeautyBaaz’ has and sells its very own products like shampoo bars, face masks and organic uptan. Jannat works alongside various brands as an exclusive seller and ambassador. She wishes to do something for future entrepreneurs. She wants to work with the government to grow the cosmetic industry and how we can use our own resources and technology to produce.  

Now Jannat and her team draws two lakh taka salary every month for themselves. Ever-growing ‘BeautyBaaz’ is going to open its first outlet at Uttara’s RAK Tower on November 12, 2021. Jannat's biggest supporter is her husband who also works beside her. She likes to call her father-in-law Gazi Abul Hashem, two times winner of the Great Honour Export Trophy, her 'guru' in this journey.