Tuesday, 30 November, 2021

Prices soaring for no reason: GM Quader

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader on Monday said the prices of daily essentials keep soaring without any reason for lack of monitoring of the market.

“The vegetables that the farmers are selling at Tk5 per kg are being sold in the market at Tk 50-60 due to the middlemen and extortionists,” he said.

Speaking at a discussion, GM Quader also said the extortionists are collecting tolls from goods-laden vehicles in a free style by opening offices in different areas.

The Jatiya Party chief said common people have become completely baffled due to the unusual hike in the prices of essential commodities. “But there’s no one to check it.”

He said if the price of any product is increased by Tk 1 abroad, it is increased up to Tk 100 in Bangladesh. “Those who’re supposed to monitor the market, they’re indulging in corruption. So, there’s no solution to the problem.”

Jatiya Jubo Sanghati arranged the programme at Jatiya Party chairman’s Banani office, making the National Youth Day 2021.

GM Quader said many mega projects are being implemented in the country, but there is no effective step for creating job opportunities for the unemployed youth of the country.

He said the government must take pragmatic steps for creating employment opportunities for around 4.5 crore jobless people. “The employment of youths should be ensured in all mega projects in the days to come.”

The Jatiya Party chief lamented that the government is hardly bothered about the suffering of jobless youths. “No one seems to care about jobs for youths.”

Unable to find work in the country, he said many young people are going abroad in many ways risking their lives. “Young people are dying while crossing the sea in unauthorised dinghy boats. Youths lose their lives while going abroad through deserts or jungles. What can be a more tragic incident than this!”

He said the government can take mega projects as those who stay abroad send most of their income home. “But the expatriates are harassed as soon as they land at the airport.”