Monday, 6 December, 2021

Munia death: Cops desperately search for 3 Nusrat associates

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  • 21st October, 2021 06:33:01 PM
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Three associates of Nusrat Jahan Tania reportedly visited her younger sister Mosarat Jahan Munia’s flat in city's upscale Gulshan flat before death of the college girl.

Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI), a specialised unit of police engaged in probing into the rape and murder case filed by Tania over the incident, is searching for the trio to be grilled.

Munia was found dead at a Gulshan flat on April 26. Her elder sister Tania filed a “false” case against Bashundhara Group Managing Director Sayem Sobhan Anvir for instigating suicide.

After a thorough investigation, police submitted Final Report to the court on July 19 on the ground that allegation against Anvir was not proved. The court finally acquitted lone accused Anvir of the suicide incitement charge.

Six days into dismissal of first case, Tania filed second case accusing Anvir, his wife, parents, owner of the rented flat of Munia and a female model of raping and killing Munia.

In a major twist, the investigators are in a desperate bid to find the three associates of Tania who visited the flat.

Before death, two sisters Tania and Munia held telephonic conversation. Tania was coming to Dhaka from her home district Cumilla. Tania told Munia that she was close to Dhaka and it would take some time to reach Gulshan flat. In reply, Munia requested her sister Tania to bring some bananas for her.

Within one or two hours, Tania reached the spot and found Munia dead.

In her case, Tania alleged that Munia did not commit suicide, rather she was killed. Tania also said the body of Munia was hanging from ceiling but her legs were not detached from the bed. It creates an impression that Munia was killed shortly after telephonic conversation. Earlier, Tania filed suicide incitement case. The investigators of the first case claimed to have found minor injury marks on the body of Munia. The injuries were too minor to cause death, said postmortem report.

Now, a question has been raised as to how Munia’s body bore the injury marks. Experts think she might have hit herself with any object causing injuries before committing suicide. Usually, young boys and girls injure themselves out of emotion before suicide. It may be case with Munia. She might be killed and kept hanging. It that case, she would scuffle with attackers and shout. But neighbours did not hear any sound.

It is learnt that three persons signed visitors’ book with an intention to go to Munia’s flat. Investigators are not sure as to whether the trio visited her flat or any other’s flat.

The names mentioned in the visitors’ book do not match the persons seen in the CCTV footages. The visitors concealed their real identities. The trio was also seen accompanying Tania in Gulshan police station and in the court. Police investigators are curious to grill the three persons who may open the Pandora's box.