Sunday, 5 December, 2021

‘Chiroharith’ Kaiser returns with great music on YouTube

Famous lyricist, singer and composer ‘Chiroharith’ Kaiser Islam has recently made his remarkable re-entry into the realm of Bangla Music Industry on YouTube with a dozen of heartfelt hit songs putting an end to his seclusion for nearly a decade. 

Some of the tracks from Chiroharith, that has made an impression on the viewers’ mind evident in their thousands of likes and shares of them; e.g. "E Kon Prithibi," "Orthohin Alape Cholche Ontohin Torko," "Aj Jeno Prithibitake Notun Kore Chena Holo," "Swapno Bhenge Geche," "Bujhini Age," and "Nivrito Sonnyasy" that are available on his own YouTube Channel [].

All the songs are written, composed and sung by Kaiser Islam.

Chiroharith’s songs captivated the audience for the first time during the 2010-12s. Listeners who are looking for the reflection of their deepest essence in music, tend to become easy fan of Kaiser Islam. 

In answering to the question regarding the absence and his self-imposed isolation, the poet, music teacher and artist said, "It’s been an hour of preparation. I was actually preparing myself to create something that is simple, yet strong and powerful. For me, it looks like, the time has arrived!"

After being stuck at home for a long time, due to the recent Covid-19 restrictions, Kaiser Islam has become busy again with stage shows being held in Dhaka and in Chattogram. 

In addition to these shows, ‘Chiroharith Manusher Dal’ has also been invited from abroad to perform at Jamsedpur and in Kolkata. Leading percussionist and drummer of the country Shubho and the famous bassist Sushovan Rakshit Deep have joined in the team to showcase their performances.  

Kaiser Islam, the founder and trainer of Chiroharith Music School, articulates, "Music is the heartbeat of our life. Our faith. Some may sing, while others may listen, but we always cherish those songs deep in our heart till the end."

In addition to his musical career, Kaiser Islam is also a writer and lyricist. He has written over 18 books over a period of the last two and a half decade, and a collection of 200 of his selected songs is going to be published by December in this year.