Tuesday, 19 October, 2021

Critical CO2 supply deal for food industry agreed

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  • 12th October, 2021 04:08:13 PM
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Critical CO2 supply deal for food industry agreed

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A deal to avert another carbon dioxide crisis in the food and drink industry has been extended until early 2022.

US firm CF Industries, a key CO2 producer in the UK, has agreed to continue supplies of the gas.

It said that should give the government and firms time to find other sources of CO2, used in fizzy drinks and for keeping food fresh, as well as to stun pigs and chickens before slaughter.

Firms will now have to pay more for their CO2, but it is unclear how much.

Billingham produces up to 750 tonnes of CO2 per day as a by-product of producing ammonia for fertilizer. CF Industries' plant at Ince in Cheshire remains closed with no date given for a reopening.

Source: BBC