Thursday, 28 October, 2021

BGB seizes smuggled goods, drugs worth Tk 106.98 cr in Sept

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) seized various smuggled goods, arms and drugs worth Tk 106.98 crore in various drives across the country in September.

The seized drugs include 20,03,787 Yaba pills, 2.95 g crystal meth ice, 22,368 bottles of phensidyl, 15,684 bottles of foreign liquor, 2,938 cans of beer, 1,565 kg 965 g of cannabis, 9.15 kg of heroin, 13,099 injections, 7,496 Iskaf syrups, 125 bottles of Magdil/Cofidil, 49,675 Anegra/Senegra tablets and 1,75,102 other tablets.

Around 6.78 kg gold, 53.60 kg silver, cosmetics s, 4,842 sarees, 112 readymade garments, 3,378 Cubic feet of wood, 10,826 kg of tea leaves, 26,050 kg of coal, 5 trucks/covered vans, 10 private cars/ microbuses, 8 pickups, 60 CNG/battery run autorickshaws and 70 motorcycles were among the smuggled goods.

The arms and ammunition recovered included three pistols, five different types of guns, five magazines and 12 rounds of bullet.

Besides, legal action has also been taken against 345 people for their involvement in smuggling. Some 221 Bangladeshis and nine Indians were arrested for illegal border crossing.