Sunday, 17 October, 2021

10 dissident rebels killed in Colombia

10 dissident rebels killed in Colombia

Colombia's armed forces killed 10 rebels suspected of belonging to one of the largest dissident FARC units, a senior military official said Monday.

The country is experiencing some of the worst attacks by armed groups since a peace deal was signed with the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) in 2016.

"This is still happening now but we have the death of 10 outlaws" of a dissident faction commanded by "Mono Ferley," armed forces commander Luis Fernando Navarro said in a message shared with the media.

The group commander, who uses the alias "Mono Ferley," is one of "Ivan Mordisco's henchmen," whom authorities identify as one of the greatest leaders of the former FARC guerrillas who did not demobilize.

Navarro did not specify where the operation took place.

Though most of the FARC set down their arms -- some 7,000 women and men -- there were active dissidents that have continued the violence in various regions.

Under no unified command, some 2,500 combatants did not accept the 2016 peace deal. They continue to operate illegally, getting funds from drug trafficking, illicit mining and extortion, according to Colombian intelligence.

The non-governmental organization Indepaz estimates there have been 73 massacres in the country so far in 2021.

According to information from the army, "Ivan Mordisco" is allied with "Gentil Darte," the main dissident leader, to carry out a plan called "Refounding FARC-EP."