Tuesday, 19 October, 2021

Nagad secures 18,000 accounts balance

Nagad secures 18,000 accounts balance

All Nagad accounts, automatically kept balance-on-hold for unusual transactions, were reactivated after multiple analysis and scrutiny today except eight confirmed accounts involved in a scam.

As a result of the extensive analysis, it was possible to identify the accounts involved in the scam and also completely secure the money of 18,000 customers.

With the analysis, Shirajganj.com CEO Jewel Rana's account, accounts of his family members, business partners and employees were also identified.

The process of legal action on the matter is in progress, said a press release.

The customers are already enjoying the regular function with the reactivated accounts as well as all the exciting Nagad offers as no money was deducted from the accounts.

After observing signs of suspicious transactions with some e-commerce platforms three weeks back, Nagad's state-of-the-art the technology automatically put some accounts on hold temporarily to maintain customer security. Later, through ongoing discussion with the authorities concerned, extensive analysis and scrutiny, the accounts with satisfactory results were reopened in phases.

Earlier, Nagad announced to identify the accounts involved in the scam by September 23 and reactivated the other accounts on hold.

Nagad Managing Director Tanvir A Mishuk said, "I want to assure all that customers security is on top of our priority list. Already, balance on hold accounts were reactivated in phases with complete security and ensuring the refund from the Shirajganj Shop. As per our commitment to our valued customers, we took measures to remove their misery. And this trust is having a name, Nagad."

He also announced gifts for the affected customers which have already been delivered to the beneficiaries.