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Banker Morshed’s Forced Suicide: No progress in investigation

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  • 9th September, 2021 10:29:33 PM
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#Insecurity forces his wife, daughter to leave Chattogram

#Plaintiff gets proposal to make compromise


There is still no progress in investigation in connection with the case filed over the forced suicide of banker Abdul Morshed Chowdhury, who became a victim of the secret business of some people, including Whip Shamsul Haque Chowdhury’s son Nazmul Karim Chowdhury Sharun, although over four months have elapsed since the incident.

The delay in probe has frustrated the victim’s family, and his wife and only daughter had to leave Chattogram as a sense of insecurity gripped them.

Sources alleged that the investigation is not progressing due to the invisible influence of the whip’s son.

Ishrat Jahan Chowdhury, Morshed’s wife and the plaintiff of the case, smells a rat over the slow pace in investigation and alleged lack of efforts by the investigators.

“We’re contacting and visiting the investigators very frequently. We also provided them with details of the accused. But, they’re yet to arrest the accused in the case,” she said.

“There might be influence from a vested quarter behind the slow pace in the investigation,” she observed.

“Sharun came to attack our house along with accused Jabed Iqbal and Parvez Iqbal to pressurise my husband illegally for money,” alleged Ishrat.  

Police only arrested a staff of Parvez Iqbal after the filing of the case in April this year, she said.

“I faced great financial trouble after the death of my husband. I also had to leave my job. Finally, I had to leave Chattogram as a sense of insecurity gripped us,” said Ishrat.

Seeking intervention of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for justice, she said, “I can’t reach the Prime Minister. I need her help as I’m helpless now.”

She also said she received indirect proposal for compromise in this connection.

The Investigation Officer (IO) Inspector Kamrul Islam of Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) could not be contacted over phone despite repeated attempts for his comments.

Failing to bear immense pressure from Sharun and others for paying more against a loan, banker Morshed committed suicide at his residence in the city’s Hill View Residential area on April 7 last.

“I can’t take it anymore. I really can’t take it anymore. I’m dying once a day. I can’t take the inhuman pressure of some people anymore. Please, everyone forgive me. Everyone please take care of my Zoom (daughter). Allah Hafez,” the banker wrote in his suicide note.

The following day, Ishrat filed a case against four named people bringing allegations of inciting her husband to take his own life.

The accused are Jubo League Organising Secretary Shahidul Haque Chowdhury Russell, two former directors of Chattogram Chamber -- Jabed Iqbal Chowdhury and his brother Parvez Iqbal Chowdhury-- and Naeem Uddin Shakib. Two of them are cousins of the victim.

Allegations of torture and provocation for suicide were brought against the accused in the case.

The bank official did not get relief even after repaying around Tk 38 crore against the loan of Tk 25 crore, said family sources. He had to choose the path of suicide.

Morshed, who was the manager of Agrabad Branch of Bank Al-Falah Ltd, became the victim of keeping faith in them even after paying huge amount, including interest against the borrowed loan.

He did not take back the security cheques in good faith. The gang repeatedly demanded more and more money using those cheques. The accused continued to attack the victim’s residence, file lawsuits, kidnap him and issue other threats for the money.

There was also political and administrative pressure. The banker, who was unable to bear those, committed suicide seeking relief.

Sources said Sharun invested money in the secret business with the banker through businessman Parvez Iqbal.

Ishrat said though Sharun had no direct transaction with Morshed, he (Sharun) used to create pressure in different ways being hired by the accused.

She claimed that Sharun called her husband and asked him to meet him at Radisson hotel. “Raising objection to it, Morshed said ‘I have no dealing with you. Then why are you asking me to meet you?’ After hearing Morshed’s words, Sharun got very angry and said ‘there’s no transaction, it’ll happen now. If you don’t come, then I’ll come.”

“On that night in May 2019, a number of people with several cars came to the parking lot of our house. Sharun Chowdhury and Arshadul Alam Bachchu were sitting in a car. Parvez Iqbal and some others came to our flat and asked us to open the gate. But I didn’t open the gate and requested them to go away,” Ishrat said.

“Later on that night, they (Sharun and others) went to the house of businessman Azam Khan as Morshed was already there. Sharun broke the spectacles of my husband and assaulted him in front of Azam bhai,” the victim’s wife said.

The plaintiff earlier alleged that police were not arresting the main accused of the case due to the political influence.

Though the Detective Branch (DB) was investigating the incident, the Police Headquarters assigned the specialised wing PBI following an appeal filed by the banker’s wife on May 27.