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Conspiracy case again by Bichchhu Shamsu syndicate thru Nusrat

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Conspiracy case again by Bichchhu Shamsu syndicate thru Nusrat
Shamsul Haque Chowdhury (left), Nazmul Karim Chowdhury Sharun (middle) and Nusrat Jahan Tania (right)

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Whip Shamsul Haque Chowdhury alias Bichchhu Shamsu and his son Nazmul Karim Chowdhury Sharun are hatching a new conspiracy against Sayem Sobhan Anvir, Managing Director of Bashundhara Group, the leading business conglomerate of the country, after failing to harm him.

With their direct backing, Nusrat Jahan Tania, sister of Mosarat Jahan Munia who was found dead at a Gulshan flat on April 26 last, filed a fresh case against eight people with the Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal of Dhaka on Monday.

However, sources said the Shamsu-Sharun syndicate is behind the case. The ‘Munia issue’ was brought to the fore to suppress those who were vocal against the misdeeds of the Bichchhu Shamsu syndicate. And in turn, Munia’s sister Nusrat is their main weapon or ‘chess piece’.

In the new conspiratorial case, some people have been made accused who are leading the country being at the helm of the country’s largest business group. By accusing respected people like them, the progress of the country’s development has been hampered. Besides, some people have been accused in the case who had no connection with the incident at all. They have expressed surprise over the matter.

According to sources, the Shamsu-Sharun syndicate filed a case against 11 people, including the chairman and managing director of Bashundhara Group, with a Patiya court on August 18.

The case filed with the Women and Children Repression Prevention Tribunal of Dhaka is also believed to be part of the conspiracy. The people concerned think that the case has been filed out of personal vengeance, resentment and with a motive of blackmailing.

It is learned that Barrister M Sarwar Hossain is Nusrat’s lawyer in the new case. Barrister M Sarwar Hossain is accused of being involved in the August 21 grenade attack. He is one of the leaders of anti-state rumours and propaganda. There are multiple cases of anti-state conspiracy and sabotage against him. They had earlier been involved in anti-state conspiracies over the Munia issue.

It is learned that various media outlets owned by Bashundhara Group have been publishing reports against the Bichchhu Shamsu syndicate over theft of corona vaccines, illegal VoIP business, murder of banker Morshed, leaking information about their Yaba business and several other irregularities and corruption. And for that reason, several members of the family, including the chairman and managing director of Bashundhara Group, have been made accused in the new case.

Police recovered the body of Munia from a Gulshan flat on April 26 last. That day Munia’s sister Nusrat lodged a case with Gulshan Police Station implicating the Bashundhara MD with an allegation of instigating the suicide.

Officer-in-charge of the police station Abul Hassan investigated the allegation very objectively. He analysed the incident very meticulously talking to people concerned at different stages of the investigation.

In the end, he submitted the final report before the court on July 19 recommending that the name of the Bashundhara MD be dropped after finding no evidence his involvement in Munia’s death.

The court received the report on July 22. After a hearing, the court exonerated the Bashundhara MD from the charges on August 18. At the same time, the court also dismissed the Naraji (no confidence) petition submitted by Nusrat against the police report.

However, according to investigation, Sharun has involvement in Munia’s death. Even, an allegation had been brought against Sharun that he killed Munia. Anyone taking stance against Bichchhu Shamsu and his son has to face serious torture.

Sharun became so furious that he killed his own girlfriend Munia to take revenge on his rival. He also tried to implicate the Bashundhara Group MD in the case to hide his misdeeds by managing Munia’s sister Nusrat with huge money.

Meanwhile, Munia’s elder brother Ashiqur Rahman Sabuj filed a murder case with court against Sharun. But, the court stayed the case proceedings as the suicide provocation case was running.

Officials concerned said the new case filed by Nusrat is mysterious when the court stayed the case filed by Sabuj. However, the investigation could be run over the case of Sabuj.

It is learnt that apart from noted businessmen, some innocent people were implicated in the fresh case.

One of them is Sharun’s former wife Saifa Rahman Meem, who left him for his illicit affair with Munia. Meem was witness to Sharun’s misdeeds.

Even, the landlady was also implicated in the case as they helped the investigation officer of the first case uncover the truth.

On the other hand, model Faria Mahbub Piasha who was arrested by law enforcement agency last month, has been accused in the new case. It is learnt that Piasha was made accused in the case as she disclosed many sensitive information about Sharun while on remand after arrest. Some audio recordings went viral and Sharun fell in trouble. Out of anger, Sharun made Piyasha an accused in the false case.

Two landlords become eyesore for telling truth

At one stage of the suicide incitement case, the law enforcement agency officials recorded the statement of her house owner. At that time, the house owner, Sharmin, and her husband Ibrahim Ahmed Ripon informed police that there was no involvement of Anvir in renting the house where Munia used to live.

Nusrat and her husband Mizanur Rahman rented the house after submitting their own NID cards. The house owners also became eyesore of the Sharun syndicate for giving true information to the investigation officer. They have also been made accused in these two conspiratorial cases.

Case filed by Munia’s brother in dark

Sabuj filed a murder case (Case no. 1021/2021) with Dhaka CMM Court accusing Sharun of murdering Munia on May 2, just after six days of her death.

Metropolitan Magistrate Morshed Al Mamun Bhuiyan accepted the appeal but mentioned that appeal would remain suspended as suicide incitement case filed by Munia’s sister was running.

Sabuj in the case statement alleged that there was a business conflict between Bashundhara Group MD Sayem Sobhan Anvir and Sharun. “That’s why Sharun tried to know about Anvir’s business and personal information through Munia. But, Sharun got angry with Munia as she disagreed to it. Then Sharun along with his cohorts killed Munia to take the revenge.”

Sabuj alleged that his sister Munia was killed in a planned manner. And Sharun and his aides killed her brutally.

On that day, Sharun entered the flat of Munia with a duplicate key and orchestrated the killing with the help of other miscreants. After the killing, the killers escaped the spot hanging the body with a ceiling fan.

Munia’s brother also claimed that his sister Nusrat Jahan did not consult him before filing the suicide provocation case. Sabuj thinks Nusrat did not know about the real incident.

Piyasha accused in the case for leaking confidential info

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) arrested model Piyasha along with arm and drugs on August 1. Meanwhile, her aide, Mariyam Akter Mou, was also arrested. The real stories began to come out after putting the models on remand.

Many names surfaced in the statement made by Piyasha during the remand. Sharun is one of the big fish behind the scene. Piyasha exposed the dark side of Sharun and Shamsul, including their involvement in harassing women. The statement of Piyasha went viral on social media.

After the issue, Sharun got angry with Piyasha. He implicated Piyasha in the new case filed by Nusrat to silence her.

Sharun implicates his ex-wife in the case

Saifa Rahman Meem tied the knot with Sharun with lots of happy dreams. But her dream was shattered after few days of their marriage.

She has often been physically abused by her drug addict and greedy husband Sharun. He tortured her due to his extramarital affairs with Munia.

Meem was brutally tortured by Sharun for protesting his illicit relations. Despite the all odds, Meem tried to keep the family alive. But Meem no longer kept silent when Sharun had tried to kill her.

Unable to bear the torture inflicted by the family, including her husband Sharun and his father-in-law Shamsul Haque alias Bichchhu Shamsu, Meem finally divorced Sharun.

Not only that, Meem’s only minor daughter was also forcibly confined by Sharun. Meem filed a case with a court under sections 306, 307, 327, 340 and 377 in this regard. However, the court did not accept the case till now due to the coronavirus situation.

Meem told media: “I had tried to commit suicide several times due to physical and mental torture inflicted on me by Sharun. He had intimacy with many women, including Musarat Jahan Munia. When I talked to my husband about his intimacy with Munia, he beat me mercilessly. Even he threatened to kill me and my parents. He always carries a pistol with him and would always put the gun to me.”

Meem also said she had to surrender to their inhuman torture. “I had to break up due to their illicit affairs. Even my baby was snatched from me,” she said, adding that she was not even allowed to see her daughter.

Meem said now Nusrat, elder sister of Munia, filed the case to take revenge against her. “But the case, which I wanted to file against Sharun, was not being taken cognisance due to the influence of the Sharun syndicate,” she said.