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A famous preacher breathed his last in public as he explained a Quranic verse (video)

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  • 3rd September, 2021 09:30:08 PM
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A famous preacher breathed his last in public as he explained a Quranic verse (video)

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Social networking sites were buzzing with a video clip documenting the sudden death of a Pakistani preacher, in front of the audience, as the Angel of Death attended him as he interpreted a Quranic verse.

According to what was monitored by (Watan), the head of the Association of Ahl al-Hadith in Lahore, Pakistan, Sheikh Qari Abdul-Mateen Asghar, died while giving a lecture at the annual conference on the virtues of the Companions, which was organized by the association, yesterday evening, Wednesday.

This official broadcast platforms association footage of the moment the death of Sheikh after a sudden heart attack show as he explains the verse (Those who lower their voices when the Messenger of Allah, those who God tested their hearts for piety for them forgiveness and a great reward).

The death of the preacher Abdul-Mateen Asghar
Sheikh Abdul-Mateen appeared during his speech, showing symptoms of fatigue, so he removed the turban from his head and it seemed as if he would fall unconscious.

Until one of the organizers rushed to him and supported him on the back of the chair. Others gathered around him in an attempt to revive him and sprinkle some water on his face to wake him up, but to no avail.

And Sheikh Abdul-Mateen Asghar (57 years old) is one of the prominent religious scholars in Lahore.

He was talking about the “greatness of the Companions” during the 41st conference of the association when death surprised him while he was explaining the third verse of Surat Al-Hujurat.

The funeral prayer was held for the late Sheikh today, Thursday, and was attended by large crowds, while communication platforms in Pakistan and other Islamic countries turned into an arena of mourning and lament for the deceased.


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