Friday, 24 September, 2021

Walton firm to ensure a clean environment-friendly Bangladesh

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  • 31st August, 2021 06:28:21 PM
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Giving strong priority on environment protection, the Bangladeshi electronics giant Walton has been taken various initiatives to phase out the ozone depletion substances and to contribute to the global warming’s reduction. After CFC, Walton successfully implemented the World’s first HFC phase-out Project. Now, Walton initiated the project of HCFC phase-out in its AC manufacturing lines with assistance from UNDP. In this regard, an agreement between the Department of Environment (DoE) and Walton was inked.

The agreement was signed at a ceremony titled ‘HCFC Phase-out Management Plan Stage II’ project at the DoE’s conference hall at Agargoan in the capital on Sunday (August 29, 2021). DoE’s Director General Md. Ashraf Uddin and Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited’s Managing Director Golam Murshed signed the deal on behalf of their respective organization.

The agreement signing ceremony was also attended by DoE’s Additional Director General Md. Humayun Kabir, Walton AC Department’s Chief Business Officer Tanvir Rahman, Walton’s Chief Marketing Officer Firoj Alam, Senior Executive Director Md. Mohasin Sarder, Executive Director Sharif Harunur Rashid, directors of the DoE’s various departments and the higher officials of other AC manufacturing companies. 

Addressing the function, Walton Hi-Tech’s MD Golam Murshed said, ‘We know that chlorofluorocarbon gas is harmful to the environment. Thanks to the Department of Environment of Bangladesh and UNDP for the initiative they have taken to curb the use and emission of this gas. We all will try to build an environment-friendly Bangladesh as well as contribute to global warming reduction. And thus, we will do our best to implement the HCFC phase out project successfully.’

Walton’s managing director also said, ‘Walton always gives priority on protecting the environment. Earlier, Walton implemented the world's first HFC phase-out project with the support of the DoE and UNDP. Under this project, eco-friendly HC-600a (isobutene) refrigerant is being used instead of HFC-134a refrigerant in refrigerators and compressors. The successful implementation of the project has reduced the annual emissions of about 230 metric tons of HFC gas into the atmosphere. Our goal is to bring the benefits of technology to all as well as ensure a clean environment-friendly Bangladesh.’

Aiming to phase out the ozone depleting substances in AC manufacturing, the DoE has taken the ‘HCFC Phase Out Management Plan (HPMP) Stage-II’ with support from UNDP. Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited and some other five enterprises took part in the two-year project for completely phasing-out the HCFC refrigerant. Under the project, Walton will implement technology conversion of R-22 refrigerant to the environmentally friendly R-290 and R-32 refrigerants in its two production lines for ACs. The implementation of this new project will further reduce the emission of the ozone depleting potential substances by about 12.22 tons.