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Hindus demand legal action against Mahfuz Anam, wife

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  • 29th August, 2021 08:40:56 PM
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Hindus demand legal action against Mahfuz Anam, wife

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Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance has urged the government to take legal action against The Daily Star Editor Mahfuz Anam and his wife Shaheen Anam, also executive director of Manusher Jonno Foundation, for hurting religious sentiments of the Hindu community and creating chaos in their families.

The alliance and several other organisations of Hindu community made the call at a press conference at the Nasrul Hamid Auditorium of Dhaka Reporters Unity (DRU) in the capital on Sunday.

The press conference was organised to protest against the conspiracies by some vested quarters to change the Hindu law.

The organisations placed four specific demands to the government from the press conference. Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance Secretary General Advocate Gobinda Chandra Pramanik announced the demands.

The demands include: the government will have to make a clear announcement by August 30 that no reform and change will be made in Hindu law. Legal action must be taken against Shaheen Anam and some NGOs that are creating chaos in the Hindu society and families by conducting anti-social and anti-religious activities. Shaheen Anam and her associates must apologize to the Hindu community.

If the government fails to make a clear announcement by August 30, Hindu community will launch a mass signature campaign across the country.

Demonstrations will be held at district and upazila levels and the offices of Manusher Jonno Foundation will be besieged. If it fails, tougher programme will be announced.

Advocate Protiva Bakchi, women’s affairs secretary of Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance, read out the written statement at the press conference.

Hindus demand legal action against Mahfuz Anam, wifeIn the written statement, she said several NGOs, including Manusher Jonno Foundation, are sowing the seeds of unrest in the homes of a well-integrated Hindu community that has existed for thousands of years. The clique has come out with a plan to make Bangladesh Hindu-free by destroying this 10,000-year-old Hindu family system.

A syndicate, led by Shaheen Anam and Mahfuz Anam, have submitted a proposal to the Law Commission for reform of a Hindu law, she added.

They are conspiring to change Hindu family scriptural rules by dividing Hindu family property into individual-centric property distribution, divorce, compulsory and punitive Hindu marriage registration, adoption, maintenance and so on.

And by implementing it, they are trying to create chaos in the Hindu society by spreading division and hatred.

In particular, Shaheen Anam, executive director of Manusher Jonno Foundation, and Angela Gomez, executive director of Banchte Shekha, have been holding meetings and seminars in various places to spread false and hateful information about Hindu law. They are trying to create instability in the Hindu society all over the country.



At the programme, Professor Hirendra Nath Biswas, president of Bangladesh National Hindu Reformation Society, has claimed that the campaign of Mahfuz Anam and his wife Shaheen Anam to reform Hindu law is a conspiracy to create unrest among the Hindus of the country by destroying unity and heritage of the community.

Mentioning that several international NGOs were involved in the conspiracy, he said, “Shaheen Anam is running the unethical propaganda against Hindu law without understanding it. She also spending huge amount of money to fulfil her agenda. Now Hindu community wants to know the source of her money she is spending to create unrest in the country.”

Advocate Bidhan Bihari Goswami, president of Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance, said a big conspiracy against Hindu law has been going on in Bangladesh for quite some time. This plot is wide-ranging. In the month of mourning, we did not expect to have to protest against Hindu law.

“Some people are talking about Hindu law. We need to find out what the intentions of those who wanted to reform this law. The government does not want to change this law. But, some NGOs want them,” he added.

He also said: “We think the demand should be taken to the Prime Minister. We need to be more vocal and united. We will convey our words to the Prime Minister by uniting all the Hindu organizations in Bangladesh. He will surely protect us.”

In the written statement, Advocate Protiva Bakchi also said Mahfuz Anam is spreading propaganda against Hindu community by publishing fiction in his newspaper Daily Star.

“Everyone knows about the anti-nation conspiracies of Mahfuz Anam and Shaheen Anam syndicate in the past. Everyone also knows that they wanted to depoliticise the country during the 1/11 political changeover.”

At the programme, Principal of Pranab Math Dhaka Swami Sangeetananda Maharaj said the non-government organisation ‘Manusher Jonno Foundation’ (MJF) is trying to create unrest among the Hindus of the country by destroying unity and heritage of the Hindu community.

The conspiracy was led by Manusher Jonno Foundation Executive Director Shaheen Anam and her husband Mahfuz Anam, editor of The Daily Star, he added.

The written statement also said that due to the misconduct of the Shaheen Anam syndicate, the general Hindu community thinks that this government is trying to destroy our religious rules and regulations. As a result, not only the faith of the Hindu community in the Awami League-led government is being destroyed, but also the hatred of the Hindu community towards this government is spreading.

In this way, Shaheen Anam syndicate is trying to implement the blueprint of inciting the Hindu community against the government. They are trying to bring the Awami League government and the Hindu community face to face.

At the press conference, Col (retd) Niranjan Bhattacharya, president of Bangladesh Brahman Sangsad, said, “That few NGOs were conspiring against Hindu. I want justice for those NGO workers. The law is not changeable in any way. We are embarrassed, the government is embarrassed. We have to rejoice in the golden jubilee of independence but we are protesting here. We demand an immediate end to their conspiracy.”

Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance Vice-President Pradeep Kumar Pal, Joint Secretary General Sujan Dey, Advocate Lucky Bachar, International Affairs Secretary Naresh Chandra Haldar, Publication Secretary Sagarika Mandal, Organisation’s Dhaka Unit DK Somir, Secretary General of Bangladesh Matua Mahasangh Sagar Sadhu Tagore, Convener of Hindu Law Amendment Prevention Committee Advocate JK Pal, Bangladesh Brahman Sangsad Secretary General Vijay Krishna Bhattacharya, among others, were present in the press conference.