Tuesday, 26 October, 2021

International Youth Day

"Youth can change society positively"

  • Md. Tanjimul Islam
  • 12th August, 2021 12:21:36 AM
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Every day on the Calendar’s page throughout the year is a special day in our life. Some of these are special days that we celebrate nationally or internationally. Similarly, today is 12th August 2021 is recognized as “The International Youth Day. Mainly it is celebrated internationally every year for the outstanding contribution of the youth community towards the goal of global change. The United Nations’ ‘International Youth Day’, declaration held in 1998 in Lisbon, Portugal for the development of youth; it was observed for the first time in 1999 following the recommendation of the UN General Assembly.

The youth society of any country is the vital strength of that country. The significant contribution of the youth in the education-health-economy and even the freedom / liberation movement of almost every country including Bangladesh will be the history for the next generation. Millions of young people, like Sweden's Greta Thunberg or Pakistan's Malala Yousafzai, have recently been instrumental in changing the world around climate change, human rights abuses and even the current Covid-19 pandemic. According to the United Nations, there are currently about 200 million young people between the ages of 10 and 24 in the world, one-fourth of the total population. According to the national youth policy of Bangladesh, 18 to 35 year olds have been identified as 'youth'. In that case, the youth group is one third of the total population. So, almost six crore adolescent/ youth live in this country who can play the leading role in rebuilding this society.

During the COVID-19 situation, the role of the youth is important, on the other hand, the state’s patronage is very much needed for their holistic development. In order to maintain their self-respect, it is very important to their every effort properly. People of all classes and professions, including the state, need to pay special attention so that every child-adolescent-youth class can be exposed to the pure light and can express their valuable views. In other words, those who will wake up the whole nation in time of need, today the youth will have to be decorated with skillful artisanship.

The nation is not only dependent on the Facebook and YouTube as digital management; Instead of it, we have to think about the future development and should proceed tactfully. On the other hand, sports-cultural practices are very necessary to protect from religious-political extremism or drug addiction. Surely the youth is our national asset, as in the recent past the youth of this country have had the greatest impact on national development. Many including Salam-Barkat-Asad have started anti-Pakistan movement. Besides, the youth of this country has also played a significant role in the triumph of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib or the movement for language of 1952, the education movement of 1962, the mass revolution of 1969, the great liberation war of 1971 and later the anti-authoritarian movement of 1990.

According to the ‘Aging Population in Public Health’ theory, the larger number of youth communities in any country means, the more functional country; who can play the significant role in the growth of the national economy. Therefore, it is clear that the importance of institutional education as well as moral-humanitarian and environmental education from a very young age is very important in order to make the young community as real human resource. There is an urgent need for such education so that they do not become dependent on the government after completing their formal education but become social entrepreneurs and gain the reputation of the nation through practical education. Only then, we can turn them into educated and skilled human resources. 

Due to the density of the population compared to the size, in many cases it becomes difficult for the government to manage everything! In that case, besides the government, various development agencies are making special contribution to child well-being and social development. World Vision is such an international social development organization. Basically, social development activities on contemporary and up-to-date issues including child rights, child protection, education, sanitation, livelihood, disaster management, etc., which the organization is working for children & their families’ holistic support. World Vision is implementing its programs along with with various children / youth forum members. From there, they have already received training on ‘Life Skills’, ‘Social Development’ and ‘Interactive Social Behavior Change’. As a result, even in this hostile situation of Corona, they are actively participating in various social activities and making their special contributions. Again the social movement against child marriage, child labor has been started with the help of them. Now they are playing creating extensive awareness about maternal health and nutrition. In this way, they are trying to change society positively.  On the other hand, their self-confidence is increasing and opportunities are being created to develop their own leadership in social activities. Thus the youth community in this country will become once as human resources; and ultimately, the new ‘Peaceful Society will be created’!

Today, the ‘International Youth Day’ is not only a day for celebration. Rather, every day, every moment, we should prioritize them. As regards, in this difficult time, the dignified call to all, “Let us unite to create an advantageous environment for the youth in the establishment of a peaceful society of the future, let us be determinedly convinced them without any hesitation! Because, we know that "now is the time for youth, the best time to go to war". This war is to- stand up against injustice, is to establish good governance and democracy, this movement is to make the oppressed people’s smiling face! This movement, along with our people, is for development and formation of a progressive state. One day, we will all respond to the youth community in building a civilized and peaceful society. Surely, millions of people will survive on this earth as "real human beings" in the breath of fresh air. Surely, that day is not far away!