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Lebanon plunged into darkness as power plants shut

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  • 10th July, 2021 10:37:03 AM
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Lebanon plunged into darkness as power plants shut

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Lebanon's two main power plants were switched off on Friday, plunging many of the country into a near-total blackout.

The shutdown - caused by the two plants running out of fuel - worsens a crisis that has seen people receive just two hours of electricity a day.

A lack of foreign currency has made it hard to pay overseas energy suppliers, BBC reported.

Pharmacies have also gone on strike over medicine shortages caused by the failure to pay foreign importers.

Lebanon's two biggest power stations, Deir Ammar and Zahrani - which together provide about 40% of the country's electricity - shut down on Friday, their owner Electricite Du Liban (EDL) said.

Ships loaded with gas oil had refused to offload the fuel before money was transferred to their owners' accounts in dollars.