Covid vaccines proven to be well-effective against coronavirus

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15th June, 2021 06:42:41 PM printer

Covid vaccines proven to be well-effective against coronavirus

Vaccines for Covid-19 have been proven to be well-effective against coronavirus and can even potentially curb severity rates.

Side-effects refer to the reactions that take place when the body is exposed to an external antigen.

What happens if you mix and match COVID vaccines?

Upon exposure, our immune system kicks into action. While the first part sends white blood cells and defensive antibodies to fight the pathogen, it also prompts inflammatory responses against the infection- making a person experience symptoms like fever, fatigue, muscle soreness, pain, chills etc. These are also what many refer to as the common side-effects and reactions expected with vaccines.

Some unusual side-effects or inflammatory reactions may also occur, depending on how a person reacts to the vaccine.

Side-effects depend on how your body reacts to the vaccine

While side-effects can be experienced generally, it can also happen that different vaccines showcase different responses.

Clinical trials from Pfizer's mRNA vaccine study also observed that over 50% of people reported no side-effects after getting the jab, and were still protected.

Apart from this, factors like age, gender, pre-existing immunity, health conditions, use of anti-inflammatory medicines may also impact the side-effects you get. This is one of the reasons why younger people report more side-effects than older people.

As long as sufficient antibodies are produced, and you follow utmost COVID appropriate behaviour, there's nothing to be worried about.

Source: Times of India