Likee 'Crazy Movie Editors' campaign ends Friday

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4th June, 2021 09:31:44 AM printer

Likee 'Crazy Movie Editors' campaign ends Friday

Singapore-based global short video creation and sharing platform Likee recently launched the "Crazy Movie Editors" campaign for film buffs.

The campaign started on May 22 and will end Friday. All Likee content creators and users can participate in it. All they need to do is to create a movie review video, add #CrazyMovieEditors and upload it. 

They can upload a review in a maximum of six parts, each part not being more than one minute. The users can check out the demos for an in-depth understanding of the content type. Once it is uploaded, the creator will have the chance to win exciting prizes. 

However, to qualify for the contest, the review contents must fulfil certain criteria – the review video must be original, have genuine style, and be complete.

The contents must also have the creators' perspectives, and clear voice-over or audio. The creators will also have to protect the copyright of the original content.

However, the users can mix voice-over with background music to make their content more appealing and engage other people as voice-over artists. Meanwhile, the content creators can use funny languages, gestures, and postures to make the reviews more interesting and attractive. 

Joy, Likee's head of operations in Bangladesh, said, "This activity has been designed to let our users and content creators come up with interesting reviews of movies that will allow them to exhibit their film acumen."   

The winning reviewers will get prizes in three categories for the most popular video contents – cash prize, quality prize, and identity prize.

If any user can create review videos for more than five different movies within two weeks, selected accounts will get the opportunity to share $1,000.

Under the second category (quality prize), a user will have the chance to earn as much as $50 from each movie review and $500 from each account. For every 2,000 likes in an individual video, the creator will get $1.

Ten best content creators will be awarded Likee Blue V Badge verifications.