Wednesday, 20 October, 2021

Fruit prices soar during Ramadan

Prices of seasonal fruits have skyrocketed in the capital and elsewhere of the country due to a rise in demand during Ramadan.

The indiscriminate rise in fruit prices since the beginning of Ramadan has created outrage among the consumers.

Dr Mehedi Masood, project director of Year-Round Fruit Production for Nutrition Improvement under Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE), told the Daily Sun that awareness among the consumers has caused a rise in the demand for fruits in the country.

“We have to increase the production of fruits round the year to meet the growing demand,” he said, adding that demand for non-traditional fruits is also increasing in the country.

A small pineapple is being sold at Tk 40, up from Tk 25 a month ago. Larger pineapples are being sold at Tk 70 per piece, up from Tk 45 per piece a month ago.

The soaring price of watermelon has created outrage among the consumers as the price skyrocketed soon after the start of Ramadan.

The price of watermelon went up to Tk 60-70 per kg in the fruit shops. The price of a large watermelon jumped to Tk 500-700 and medium ones are selling at Tk 300-400 per piece. Watermelon price ranged between Tk 30 and Tk 40 per kg before Ramadan. Middlemen are largely blamed for the price hike of watermelon during Ramadan.

Wood apple, another popular item during Ramadan, is selling at Tk 70-100 per piece, up from Tk 30-40 per piece a month earlier.

Green coconut is selling at Tk 80-120 per piece, up from Tk 50-60 per piece a month earlier.

Local banana is selling at Tk 10 per piece, musk melon at Tk 70 to 150 per piece depending on size, papaya at Tk 120-140 per kg, guava at Tk 90-100 per kg and sugar apple at Tk 50 per piece.

Aminul Haque, a consumer from Mohammadpur, said price hike of fruits has forced them to reduce fruit consumption in Iftar.

“I bought a mask melon and one kg guava for iftar today,” he added.