Tips to boost health and immunity

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28th April, 2021 03:07:50 printer

Tips to boost health and immunity


In the present time, with the second wave of Covid-19, it is very important that we take good care of your health and immune system.

Curd made with raisin

Eating curd as a mid-meal and to make the curd, you should use raisins as they together form a perfect combo of pre and probiotics.

Sugarcane juice

During summer season, you can drink sugarcane juice before afternoon to boost the immune system.

Use of salt

While we all use one variety of salt in our daily life, bring back the salt diversity in life and one should use at least four types of salt regularly.

Use of pulses

As far as pulses are concerned, they should be an integral part of daily diet and one should soak and sprout them before cooking. They should be mixed with grains and millets in the right proportion. And at least five types of pulses in five different ways should be consumed every week.

(Times of India)