Turkey to enforce nationwide lockdown April 29-May 17 due to COVID-19

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27th April, 2021 09:52:47 printer

Turkey to enforce nationwide lockdown April 29-May 17 due to COVID-19

The Turkish government plans to impose a two-and-a-half-week nationwide lockdown in an effort to reduce the country's COVID-19 infection rate. 

From 19:00 April 29 through 05:00 May 17, a continuous curfew will be in place. Residents must remain in their homes except to perform essential tasks or seek medical care. 

In addition, all non-essential businesses will be required to close; catering establishments may operate only for carryout and delivery services. 

Food markets, including greengrocers, butcher shops, bakeries, and confectioners shops, as well as supermarkets, may operate only between the hours of 10:00-17:00 daily; supermarkets must remain closed on Sundays. 

Residents may patronize such businesses any time during their hours of operation; however, they must restrict their shopping to those markets located nearest to their homes and may not drive their vehicles when doing so.

Persons employed in the public sector will be required to work from home to the extent possible.

 All schools and kindergartens will be closed during the lockdown period. All events such as weddings and personal celebrations remain suspended, as well.

Moreover, public transport will operate at 50 percent capacity, while special permits will be required for intercity travel. Authorities will only issue permits for intercity travel for a limited number of compelling situations.

Source: garda.com