ISD’s webinar on learning approaches, behavior

Staff Correspondent

26th January, 2021 07:44:48 printer

ISD’s webinar on learning approaches, behavior

The International School Dhaka (ISD) arranged a webinar, especially for the parents on different topics such as Approaches to Learning (ALT) and ideal ways to communicate with kids.

ISD arranged the webinar on Monday night where it’s IBPYP Coordinator Lynette Weke Kyalo and Primary Counselor Vivian Huizenga were the key speakers, said a press release.

Lynette delineated the PYP (Primary Years Program) 'Approaches to Learning' (ATL) and informed parents about its importance and what the IB-PYP way of learning means. 

Lynette expounded the set of trans disciplinary skills students need to master (communication, thinking, research, social, and self-management) to be a lifelong learner. 

Vivian Huizenga shared ideas, thoughts, and views about communicating with children, especially amid the covid-19 pandemic. She offered insights on tools and strategies that parents can adopt when their children are cutting loose and coming up with unreasonable demands. 

Vivian also said the parents should try to understand their children and positively respond to their queries which will help them learn and grow in a congenial ambiance. 

The webinar was an interactive session where parents had the chance to share their thoughts and participate in the discussions. The whole idea was to facilitate parents with the knowledge necessary to accelerate their children’s entire learning process.