International Human Rights Day celebrated in Bangladesh Thursday

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11th December, 2020 08:31:26 printer

International Human Rights Day celebrated in Bangladesh Thursday

On the occasion of International Human Rights Day on 10.12.20 various NGOs and human rights organizations in Bangladesh held programmes to highlight increasing human rights violations in Pakistan and Xinjiang Autonomous Region of China where Uyghur Muslim minorities are persecuted.

1. In Dhaka, ‘Bangladesh Social Activist’s Forum’ a leading HR forum brought out an impressive procession/ Human Chain at Dhaka National Press Club holding banners and  placards depicting HR violations in Sindh, Baluchistan in Pakistan and  Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous region in China. About one hundred volunteers of Bangladesh Social Activist’s Forum’ wearing in T- Shirts with inscription ‘STOP RIGHTS VIOLATION IN PAKISTAN & XINJIANG’ marched through the street calling Pakistan and China to stop abuse of own citizens.  Volunteers of ‘Bangladesh Social Activist’s Forum’ held a motor bike rally in front of Khulna Shaheed Hadith Park in Khulna city followed by a human chain/ procession at Shaheed Hadith Park. Another group of one hundred twenty youths marched through Khulna city holding banners and placards highlighting HR violations in Xinjiang and Pakistan.

2. In Dhaka, Mother Zinnath Foundation, an organization working for welfare of common people held a human chain at Shahbagh intersection, under the leadership of Taufiq Ahmed Tafsir. Speakers in the programme strongly criticized the Pakistani government for human rights violation in Baluchistan, and POK. They also condemned China for persecuting Muslim Uyghur minority in Xinjiang Province.  The participants chanted anti-Pakistan and anti-China slogans and displayed banners/ placards read ‘ stop killing Uyghur Muslims’, ‘Stop Attacking Minorities’ ‘Baluch Want Freedom’. About 125 people including students of Dhaka University participated in the programme.

3. In Sylhet ‘Bangladesh Manobodhikar Songrokkhon Parishad’ a platform of civil society members organized a human china and demonstration at Court Point Sylhet. The programme was led by President of the orgnisation principal Maulana Mahmudul Hasan and General Secretary Moulana Sibbir Alam Khan. Speaking at the programme, the leaders of the organization stated that people are deprived from basic human rights in Pakistan and China.  They cited human rights violation in Xinjiaing region against Uyghur Muslims in China and in Baluchistan and Sindh in Pakistan. Over 200 people mainly local Moulanas and Alems participated in the programme chanting anti-China and anti-Pakistan slogans. They also displayed banners and placards depicting human rights violations in Xinjaing and Pakistan.

During the programmes demonstrators criticized the Chinese authorities for forceful removal of the statue of the Uyghur academic Mahmud Kashgary from the Opal Township in Kashgar Prefecture of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. The protesters demanded UN Human Rights Council to make Pakistan and China accountable for forceful conversion and marketing of Hindu and Christian girls as ‘concubines’ and forciby sending them to China. The demonstrators demanded the world community to take note of the grave HR situation in these countries where minorities are treated inhumanly. The protesters demanded exemplarity punishment to a Muslim man who  recently shot dead a Christian girl named Sonia in Rawalpindi allegedly for refusing a proposal of marriage.  The protesters noted that in recent months violence on minorities has been on the rise in Pakistan and several cases of rape, abduction and forced marriages are reported. As per report of the Legal Evangelical Association Development, a non-profit advocacy group providing aid to persecuted minorities in Pakistan, 28 Christian girls became victims of abduction, rape, torture and sexual harassment in Pakistan during 2019-20 alone.