Saturday, 29 January, 2022

Govts after that of Ershad two sides of same coin: GM Quader

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader on Tuesday said the successive governments after the rule of HM Ershad are two sides of the same coin.

Speaking at a programme at the Jatiya Party Chairman’s Banani office, he also said people are looking for an alternative party to get rid of corruption and misrule.

“Jatiya Party is the only alternative force to people against Awami League and BNP,” GM Quader said.

“The governments that have ruled the country for 30 years since the transfer of power by Pallibandhu (Ershad) are the other side of the coin,” he observed.

He lamented that Bangladesh’s image has been dented so badly that the country’s medical certificates now are not accepted abord due to corruption.

The Jatiya Party Chairman said some corrupt people have suddenly been arrested as the Prime Minister has announced a zero-tolerance policy to prevent corruption. “But after a while, the corrupt people are again roaming here and there wearing courts and ties. “

He also said hundreds of people have been killed extrajudicially in the drive to build a drug-free Bangladesh, but no one can claim that the spread of drugs has been decreased in the country.

GM Quader, also the Deputy Opposition Leader in parliament, said their party does not believe in the politics of conspiracy and it was never engaged in any plot. “Jatiya Party will always play a leading role in politics to resist any conspiracy against the country.”

At the programme, around 200 leaders and activists of Gono Forum, led its Gazipur district unit president Advocate Quazi Mohammad Rafiqul Islam and general secretary Mahmudul Alam Titu, joined Jatiya Party by presenting a bouquet to its chairman.

GM Quader welcomed those joined the party and urged them to work for strengthening Jatiya Party’s organisational capacity in Gazipur.

He said political parties carry out their activities mainly centering elections, but people are showing reluctance about elections. “People’s lack of confidence in recent elections is visible. So, there’s some sort of inertia in politics as many are quitting it.”

Quader said people are now looking at Jatiya Party with high expectations. “Jatiya Party is the only potential political force in the country, and good days are ahead for the party.”