Life imprisonment means 30 years of jail: SC

Staff Correspondent

1st December, 2020 10:47:15 printer

Life imprisonment means 30 years of jail: SC

The Supreme Court has defined “life imprisonment” as 30 years of confinement to a lifer in connection of a case.

Life imprisonment will be taken for granted 30 years of confinement unless otherwise is not mentioned by the court concerned in the verdict, it said.

The apex court came up with the ruling to dispel any confusion over the tenure of life imprisonment.

In case of 30 years, the convict will get remission and deduction benefits under relevant sections of the Penal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC), the court added.

If the courts concerned, including the International Crimes Tribunal, sentence the convict to imprisonment for life, till his or her natural death, such convicts are not entitled to benefits under the Penal Code and CrPC, the SC observed.

"Imprisonment for life prima facie means the whole of the remaining period of the convict's natural life. Imprisonment for life will be deemed to equivalent to imprisonment for 30 years if sections 45 and 53 are read together along with sections 55 and 57 of the Penal Code and 35A of the Code of Criminal Procedure."

However, in case of sentence awarded to the convict for imprisonment for life till natural death by the court /tribunal, International Crimes Tribunal under International Crimes Tribunals Act, 1973, the convict will not be entitled to get the benefit of section 35A of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the apex court said in the short verdict.