Kangalini Sufia's death rumuor creates unrest

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29th November, 2020 08:13:03 printer

Kangalini Sufia's death rumuor creates unrest

‘Kangalini Sufia no more’ rumour that went viral on social media platform facebook creating unrest in showbiz on Sunday.

She is doing well in her own residence in Savar, confirmed by her all time fellow Bawol Jahangir at around 6:00pm.

Jahangir said, “The singer is well but she is suffering from old age complications, also kidney and heart diseases. She is having regular medicine and treatment. Please keep her in your prayers and stop spreading rumours.’

Kangalini Sufia own 30 national awards and 10 international awards in recognition of her songs.

Born in 1961, she is best known for her songs, “Poraner bandhob”, “Amar vati ganger Naiya”, “ Konba pothe netaiganj jai” and others.