I don’t want to be a minister: Ilias Kanchan

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23rd November, 2020 07:27:06 printer

I don’t want to be a minister: Ilias Kanchan

"Many people have asked me to become a minister, but I asked them do you want to ruin my road safety movement? If I had wanted to be a minister, I would not have initiated to make such a movement." said Ilias Kanchan.

He made the statement in a live chat show hosted by journalist and presenter Tanvir Tareq.

A popular hero Ilias Kanchan is now more popular for founding road safety movement (Nirapod sarak chai).

Ilias Kanchan also said "I don't want to be a part of any particular party. I don’t like to be singled out for affiliation to any particular party. I never want that. I want to be public. That means, I want to work equally for all classes of people. This is the goal of my life.”

Ilias Kanchan went for road safety movement after his his wife had died in a road accident on 22 October, 1993.