Dengue Diet: Dos and don't of eating for a fast recovery

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30th October, 2020 02:52:24 printer

Dengue Diet: Dos and don't of eating for a fast recovery


Dengue fever affects a huge population each year.

Various campaigns are held every year to spread awareness about the prevention of dengue fever.

Apart from the medicines, your diet plays a major role in your recovery from dengue.

Here are some dos and don'ts of dengue diet:

Papaya leaf juice

Papaya leaf juice is one of the most famous remedies for dengue fever. The juice helps treat the fever effectively, increases the platelet count and improves immunity.

Get fresh papaya leaves and extract some juice by mixing some water and blending it.

Drink twice a day for better results

Vegetable juice

Fresh vegetable juice is rich in essential nutrients. It can be easily prepared by mixing your choice of vegetables. Add some lemon juice to increase the vitamin C content and enhance the taste of the juice.

Herbal tea

Herbal teas are loaded with nutrients and are beneficial for your health. You can choose from cardamom, ginger to cinnamon tea for a soothing effect. The refreshing flavour of herbal tea also refreshes your mind.

Neem leaves

Neem leaves are loaded with medicinal properties and are super beneficial for dengue patients. Neem juice helps in controlling the growth and spread of the virus.


Turmeric is antiseptic and metabolism booster. Doctors recommend turmeric milk as it helps in faster recovery. If you don't like turmeric milk, you can have turmeric water.


Amla improves our immunity. It is loaded with vitamin A and C, which favours the formation platelets. It has a high concentration of anti-oxidants and minimises the impact of oxidative stress and the risk of suffering from chronic conditions associated with the decrease of these blood cell fragments.

Chicken soup

There are various evidences which prove that chicken soup works wonders in stopping the symptoms of cold and flu. It also helps you stay hydrated and raise the temperature of the airways, which helps in loosening the mucus.

Foods that you should avoid

There are some foods that are the worst for dengue fever and thus should not be consumed. The list includes oily and fried foods, caffeine, carbonated drinks, spicy foods and high-fat foods, reports Times of India.