Coronavirus: Can you gain immunity from COVID-19?

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28th October, 2020 01:05:21 printer

Coronavirus: Can you gain immunity from COVID-19?


Does COVID recovery grant immunity?

The only way possible for a person to be really immune from COVID-19 would be if there are sufficient antibodies against the infection present in the body, or a vaccine that works in safeguarding a person against future infections, Times of India.

However, there is no real proof as to how effective antibodies can be in our fight against COVID-19. Studies have proved that antibodies can start to wane 4-7 weeks after infection recovery. Antibody count can also differ on the type of infection you have. For example, those with a mild form of coronavirus can have fewer antibodies in the system. Depending on the presence of antibodies, a person can have temporary immunity to the infection. How long it lasts for, is yet to be studied.

COVID reinfection chances can expose you to risk

Then, there's the case for reinfection too. While it is a rare complication, cases have proved that people can get reinfected by COVID, even if in a less severe or asymptomatic form. This might mean that perfect immunity against novel coronavirus, much like other coronaviruses may be a distant reality for now.

Right now, even with a vaccination programme being rolled out for us, we don't know for sure how far possible is it to achieve immunity against COVID-19, Times of India.