Breathlessness and fatigue are two most common post-COVID symptoms

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13th October, 2020 01:15:39 printer

Breathlessness and fatigue are two most common post-COVID symptoms


How Post-COVID symptoms are affecting people after recovery


Depending on the severity of your condition, recovery from COVID-19 can take a lot of time, and leave you with lingering symptoms.

Dubbed ‘post-COVID’, or ‘long COVID’, it is estimated that nearly 75pc of patients complain of prolonged signs and symptoms for weeks or months after making a full recovery (testing COVID negative).

However, there have been two most reported symptoms - which can be a cause of worry.

1. COVID recovered patients are complaining of breathlessness

A dip in oxygen saturation levels is considered to be a sign of alarm for COVID patients, requiring critical support. Oxygen levels dip as the viral load continues to unleash its wrath on the body's respiratory linings and compromising functionality.

However, for some, breathlessness and low oxygen saturation can continue to occur, even after the virus diminishes from the body.

The same was also prevalent in a controlled study done by JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) and a group of doctors from Italy.

Problems associated with breathing trouble have become so common that patients are requiring assisted oxygen support for prolonged weeks to balance breathing and support vital functions.

Recovered patients are also thronging back to COVID clinics, complaining of similar respiratory ailments, regardless of mild or severe symptoms.

2. Fatigue is also common post recovery

Along with breathlessness, fatigue and tiredness ail COVID recovered patients. Those who experience it call it a sort of fatigue like no other. Again, it is most likely a consequence of the rapid multiplication and spread of the SARS-COV-2 virus in the body, slowing down functions. Severe and frequent fatigue can also hit patients who have had a mild brush with COVID.

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