Country has sufficient stocks of onion: Commerce Ministry


6th October, 2020 05:42:43 printer

Country has sufficient stocks of onion: Commerce Ministry

 The onion price will come down soon as the country has sufficient stocks of onion.

“Onion, imported at public and private levels, have started arriving in the country. There are adequate stocks of local onions. Farmers have increased the sales of these onions in the market. As a result, the import and supply of onions have increased. There is no shortage of onions in the country. The price of onion will come down,” as per a Commerce Ministry press release.

The Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) under the Ministry of Commerce is selling onions through truck sales as well as e-commerce across the country for the purpose of providing onions to the buyers at affordable prices.

It is available to a wide range of buyers. To meet the demand of the buyers, the scope of sale of onion at the price of Taka 30 per kg is being further increased.

The government has taken necessary steps using the experience of last year to keep the stock, supply and price of onions in the market as per the demand.

Market campaigns have been intensified under the leadership of local administrations across the country, including the National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate under the Ministry of Commerce.

The government has withdrawn tariffs on onion import. All kinds of assistance are being provided as per the demand of the importers.

Work is being done with utmost importance in all fields including supply and transportation of onions in the domestic market.

There is no reason to panic about onions. The government will take strict action against those responsible under the existing law if any attempt is made to increase the price of onion by creating an illegal stockpile or artificial crisis.