Jharkhand headmaster’s innovative way to maintain social distancing

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25th September, 2020 05:58:46 printer

Jharkhand headmaster’s innovative way to maintain social distancing

While school education across Jharkhand is paralysed in wake of Covid-19 pandemic, headmaster of a government upgraded middle school in a remote tribal village in Dumka district has come up with an innovative idea. Headmaster Sapan Patralekh has turned roadside clay wall of village houses into blackboards and is conducting classes ensuring social distancing.

Upgraded Middle School, Dumarthar village under Jarmundi block, is around 40 kilometres away from Dumka district headquarter and has around 290 students. Each student gets a separate blackboard keeping in mind social distancing norms. The school has four teachers, including the headmaster, and all attend classes in rotation.

The innovative way of conducting school classes has caught the attention of people and authorities in the region.

Headmaster Patralekh said having seen the closure of the school for a long time due to Covid-19, they thought students would forget their lessons if the lockdown continued. “The village is in a remote area where the facility of internet and mobile services are not available. So, in the interest of students, we decided to hold classes for them in a group at their own houses,” he said.

“Since tribal kids learn wall painting easily, we decided to teach them by using the walls of their houses as blackboards. This way, we succeeded in attracting students,” Patralekh added.

Teachers of the school, along with the villagers and guardians of students, managed to set up four points in the village where students - a batch of 50 each - could attend classes in rotation. Each teacher takes up one class point to attend.

Every day, these students get dressed in their school uniform and sit outside their houses as per the school schedule. In order to save them from infection, each student is provided with chalk and duster. Teachers also get their blackboards where they write tasks for students. Students resolve their doubts by asking queries on their respective boards and teachers respond by answering on their own blackboards.

Headmaster Patralekh said the credit for successfully holding these classes amid Covid-19 goes to the deputy commissioner who gives his inputs and direction from time to time.


Source: Hindustan Times