Coronavirus: Global death toll climbs to 961,403

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20th September, 2020 11:52:51 printer

Coronavirus: Global death toll climbs to 961,403

The global coronavirus death toll climbed to 961,403 at 11:30 am till Sunday (05:30 GMT), according to latest data from worldometer.

So far 30,987,709 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus while 22,587,048 are considered recovered in the 213 countries and territories since the virus emerged in China last December.

Besides, the number of active cases are 7,439,258.

With the fresh tally in the 48-hour, 10,846 people died from coronavirus while 635,986 people have tested positive for COVID-19, and 545,611 patients have made fully recovery.

Among the coronavirus affected countries, the US has gone up to 203,824 deaths, followed by Brazil with 136,565; India 86,774; Mexico 73,258; UK 41,759, Italy 35,692; France 31,274; Iran 24,118; Russia 19, 339; Germany 9,466; Indonesia 9,448; Pakistan 6,416; Iraq 8,491; Bangladesh 4,913; Saudi Arabia 4,458 and UAE 404 respectively, worldometer reported.