Poles Apart

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19th September, 2020 01:56:42 printer

Poles Apart

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Firoz Al Mamun

We are now poles apart
Never thought to
Be so unknown
Allowing reality to assert

Erecting a wall abstract
Harder than the concrete
We peep through deep secluded
Vale of a memorable glass

Feeling a love to never share
Standing on the bondage
Of the cruel universe imposes
Status quo not to feel peer

Hailing from New Year’s dawn
Virgin sun heralded cell message
Rendering both so uneasy and shy
Creating a landscape to be forlorn

Cloudy sky and incessant rain
Spending time in Fuller Road
Playing guitar and singing song
Ended in an endless pain

Ill fate led us to untie hand
Orbiting around milky ways
Memories bifurcated into bubbles
Commemorating love in desert

Many persist in you
You persist in many
Being omnipresent touch  
Me like a morning dew