Working mothers drastically impacted by the coronavirus crisis: Survey

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8th September, 2020 03:16:43 printer

Working mothers drastically impacted by the coronavirus crisis: Survey

“We will need to learn to live with the virus". We are nine months into the pandemic and it has become amply clear that the pandemic is ravaging a lot more than the health of billions of people across the globe.

Owing to the closing of schools and daycare centres, the pandemic has left a lot of young parents balancing between working for home and work from home.

Hence, they continue to put up with the grilling demands of their workforce and personal commitments.

The fact remains that the impact of the pandemic is especially devasting for working women, who may be forced to leave their jobs in a bid to take care of their children.

As per experts, the ongoing pandemic is threatening to set back decades of progress that women have made at their professional front.

In the middle of the increasing demands of the workplace and being the primary caretaker of the children, working mothers have been particularly hard hit by the crisis.

Women are twice as likely as their male counterparts to leave their employer, a survey finds.

According to a new survey conducted by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), it has been found that 41 per cent of working mothers in Britain are struggling to balance their work.

The survey also found that one in six women needed to reduce their working hours in order to taking care of the needs of their children.

The pandemic has impacted our lives in unprecedented ways:

1.The statistics clearly highlight that maybe it is time to implement new and improved workplace practices.

2. The corporate and work-culture will need to practice more compassion during these testing times and maybe even renew their practices, especially keeping the working mothers in mind.