2nd group of Navy leaves for South Sudan


14th August, 2020 08:31:12 printer

2nd group of Navy leaves for South Sudan

 A second group consisting 67 members of Bangladesh Navy has  left Dhaka on Friday  for South Sudan to join the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission under Force Marine Unit-6 of Bangladesh Navy there. 

Earlier on July 25, the first group consisting of  67  members of Bangladesh Navy had left Dhaka for South Sudan, says a press release of Inter Service Public Relation (ISPR) release. 

A  Marine Unit of Bangladesh Navy has been deployed as Force Marine Unit under UN Mission in South Sudan. 

The Naval contingent has been ensuring the safe movement of UN essential fuel, food, medicine and humanitarian aid-laden barges, monitoring / controlling waterway piracy,  gathering all intelligence information to inform the forces headquarters, assisting local communities in firefighting, rescuing injured military and civilian personnel and assisting divers. .

The contingent also provides emergency medical care to local people, as well as transporting essential supplies to military and civilian members of the mission in remote areas, as well as assisting in any UN-mandated activity.

It is to be noted that the Bangladesh Force Marine Unit (BANFMU) contingent has so far successfully completed a total of 41 naval operations named Operation Life Line (OLL) on the 938 km long White Nile River.

Bangladesh Navy has been participating and fulfilling its responsibilities in international peacekeeping operations for more than two decades in the field of peace and protection of human rights in various war-torn regions of the world. In addition to South Sudan, the Bangladesh Navy has a warship deployed in Lebanon and the Mediterranean as the only member of the United Nations Maritime Task Force.