College admission payment available at Nagad


12th August, 2020 06:58:59 printer

College admission payment available at Nagad

Students of class XI have got the opportunity to process college admission, staying at home, by paying application and registration fees through digital financial service (DFS) provider Nagad.

A fee of Taka 150 is being paid through Bangladesh Post Office’s Nagad after applying online for the admission in class XI, which started on August 9, said a Nagad press release today.

Fees can be easily paid using Nagad’s mobile application, USSD or through Nagad entrepreneurs. With this service, Nagad made it possible for everyone to stay healthy and safe by complying with the health guidelines announced by the government during this COVID-19 situation.

As of noon on Wednesday, fees have been paid against 170,364 applications through Nagad wallets while another 28,364 through entrepreneurs.

Following the application processing, when the registration starts from August 26, registration fees of Taka 200 also can be paid through Nagad. However, at the time of registration or confirmation, the admitted students will have to pay Taka 2.50 for service charge along with Taka 200.

This year, all the education boards of the country have arranged the students’ admission in class XI through online. So aspirant students will have to browse the link XI Class Admission System and apply with proper information.

Application fee payment process using app: For the fees payment through Nagad’s mobile application, students will have to tap the “Bill Pay” option of the app, then tap the XI Class Admission option, enter roll number, name of board, passing year and a mobile number for communication.

Then verify all the information again and tap the NEXT button. In the next step, enter the PIN number of the wallet and tap it. If the payment is completed successfully, users will receive a confirmation SMS.

Besides, application fee payment process using the USSD: The customer will dial *167# and a menu will appear on the screen from where “Bill Pay” needs to be selected by pressing the menu number 5. In the third step, another new menu will appear and users have to select the “Education” at number 6. By selecting 2 or XI Class Admission in the fourth step students’ needs to enter roll number, board, passing year and a mobile number for further communication.

And the amount Taka 150 fixed by government will have to be paid by entering the Nagad PIN number. After completing the process, users will get a confirmation SMS.
In case of any challenge regarding payment, users can dial 16167 for the assistance of Nagad.

According to the schedule, the first phase of online application for admission will continue till August 20. The results of the admission in the first phase will be released on August 25. Registration will be continued by August 26 to 30 for the first phase.

The entire Nagad family is proud to be a part of the online Class XI admission process, said its managing director Tanvir Ahmed Mishuk.