Low price forces traders to throw rawhide into Padma

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2nd August, 2020 08:29:48 printer

Low price forces traders to throw rawhide into Padma

The worst situation is now prevailing in terms of rawhide trading as relevant businessmen in the country are not getting proper prices of rawhide of sacrificial animals.   

Media report on Sunday revealed that many of the businessmen in Rajshahi threw goat rawhide in Padma River not getting suitable prices in the peak season of this business. On the other hand, the cow rawhide were sold at nominal prices.  

There is information that a rawhide of a cow was sold at Tk 100-400 while a goat rawhide was sold at Tk 10-20. However, a large size rawhide of cow was traded at Tk 500.  

Under this circumstance, the traders were forced to throw goat rawhide in the river water.

The government fixed cattle rawhide prices this year reducing 20 to 29 percent price compared to the last year. Even, the traders have not received prices fixed by the government this year.