Gold price skyrocketed

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24th July, 2020 12:03:14 printer

Gold price skyrocketed

The gold price has skyrocketed in the country market amid coronavirus pandemic as the price of all kind of gold increased by Tk 2,916 per bhori.

The Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) on Thursday issued a notice after fixing the new price of gold. The new price of gold will be effective from Friday.

BAJUS fixed this new price increasing by Tk 2,916 per bhori due to the price hike in the international market. The latest price hike broke all previous records.

According to the new price, 22 carat gold will cost Tk 72,783 per bhori (11.64 grams) which was sold at Tk 69,867 per bhori until Thursday.

21 carat gold will cost Tk 69,634 which was being sold at Tk 66,718 per bhori until Thursday. And to buy 18 carat gold will cost Tk 60,886 per bhori; on Thursday the price was Tk 57,970.

Besides, traditional gold will cost Tk 50,563 per bhori which was sold at Tk 47,589 on Thursday. Meanwhile, price of Silver remained unchanged. 21 cadmium Silver is Tk 933 per bhori.