Shahed ruined Bangladesh’s image globally: home minister


15th July, 2020 06:32:01 printer

Shahed ruined Bangladesh’s image globally: home minister

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal said Regent Hospital and Regent Group Chairman Shahed has ruined the image of Bangladesh globally.

“Fraudulence of Shahed along with the Regent Hospital and Regent Group destroyed the image of Bangladesh in the world,” he said after the arrest of Shahed by Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) from Satkhira.

The minister said Shahed has ruined the position of Bangladesh during the coronavirus crisis all over the world.

Shahed was always looking for loopholes to cheat and as part of his deception, he used to take pictures with important persons at various social events, Kamal said, adding, “He used those photographs to make cheating easier.”

The minister said, “Shahed came forward on his own regarding the coronavirus treatment. His intention was to cheat, but it was not understood at that moment. I myself have admitted 4/5 patients in his hospital. But it is now understood that cheating was his intention.”

He said Shahed became an important figure in television talk shows, which was also part of his deception, adding, “Our law enforcement agencies are much efficient now. We didn’t let his deception long. We caught him.”